I Brew, Do You? – by Annette Rochelle Aben

Ever hear of Turmeric? It’s a spice (member of the ginger family) native to Southeast Asia, which has been used for centuries to flavor as well as color food. If you are a prepared, yellow mustard fan, check the ingredients and you may find them to contain turmeric. So, other than making things bright like the sunshine, how does one or why does one use turmeric?

Me? I use it in so many edibles that it would make your head spin. When I make my pureed, root vegetable soup, I add turmeric.  When I make rice, I will add turmeric and when I brew coffee, I add turmeric to the ground. Yes, I said it, I add powdered turmeric to my coffee grounds before I plug in the pot and brew myself some java. Why? I feel it gives me a deeper, richer tasting cup of coffee. However, I admit that is not why I originally began adding turmeric to my coffee.

I had heard that the curcumin in turmeric might be good to combat inflammation within the body and since I enjoyed using turmeric in my cooking, I would try to incorporate more of it in other ways. One of the ways I read about on the internet, was to make something called Golden Milk. This is where you would heat up your favorite milk or milk type beverage and add anywhere from ¼ to one full teaspoon of turmeric, stir, sweeten and drink.  I tried that and LOVED it.  I loved it so much that I began making more than I needed for a night’s consumption and storing the leftovers to have chilled, the next day. Okay, so how does this tie in with coffee?  I drink my coffee chilled, with almond milk. One day, I used the leftover turmeric/almond milk and the rest was history.

Since I enjoyed that, I wondered what would happen if I added the powdered turmeric to my dry coffee grounds. After all, I was already adding cinnamon, so why not. To my basket of 12 tablespoons of dark roast coffee, I began adding 2 teaspoons each, of cinnamon and turmeric. Then I brew that with 12 cups of cold water. It tastes great!

I must say, that as I am NOT a health care professional, I am not legally able to tell you that using turmeric or any other spice WILL help you with any particular health condition. What I can suggest, is that you do your own research and if it makes sense to you to add or remove something from your dietary intake, then that needs to be your decision. What I will tell you, is that I enjoy finding ways of incorporating turmeric into my daily diet for many reasons. Not the least of which, is because it tastes great in my coffee!

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