I can feel it in my bones – by Alice Hennessy

As we expand our minds and awaken to the glorious truth of what surrounds us we know that there is a higher power out there that I like to call “Source Energy” synching our very existence on this planet. We were given gifts to use as human beings throughout our lifetime to grow, learn, experience and survive. These natural abilities can be linked with source energy and make life a magnificent journey. But we forget!!! We forget that we have these magical powers given to us from birth that can guide us throughout the most darkest and brightest times of our life. We forget to listen, to take action and to follow these energy flows. We are too busy trying to survive in the material world, clogging up our brains with social and media feeds, likes, tweets, work stress and worry we forget to listen to our own bodies and vibration. We are powerful beings and I have experienced these powers first hand.

Just like the animal world we were given natural abilities to survive. We were given our five senses, our intuition (also known as our gut feeling) and third eye. Our vibration and heart beat also sends off magnetic energy fields and sequences that attract our experiences and other humans on a similar energy field into our experience. Everything is energy and where there’s energy, there is power.

I always knew I “knew” things as a child, I was very good at predicting things before they  happened, feeling and expressing if something didn’t feel right, knowing that I wasn’t alone at night, seeing things the mind normally registers as unreal or not normal. These things terrified me as no one else could see them. I kept quiet most of the time about my experiences just in case I was told I was ‘crazy’ or a ‘stupid child’. I remember once when I was 8 years old I told my brother that my dog had puppies just for him to walk with me thru a field on the farm where we lived in South Africa so I could go see my dog at our worker’s units, I was scared of the long grass in the field because of snakes, but something in my head told me in order for him to say “yes” to coming along – tell him that, funny we got there and my dog had puppies!

See, as a child your mind is still open and uncluttered so receiving messages is easy. Our ego doesn’t kick in until the age of 7 so everything we experience and absorb in that period will then turn into our sub conscious mind. We are more likely do what we want and follow our gut feelings as children. I don’t know how I survived my childhood with some of the situations I put myself in but obviously I made the right choices, as I’m still here today.

I started ignoring those intuitive feelings when I hit the tween age, I had discovered boys, make up. Later on, in my twenty’s, it was a lot of beer and a lot of partying. My poor body, I think I blurred my vision for a good ten years and made some very bad choices. It’s only now in my 30’s, that I am recovering from those bad choices and discovering who I am. I have taken control back of my life and learnt I am responsible for my future. I have learnt to listen to my own body again and practise self love.

MEDITATION! Oh my I wish I started this a long time ago! I was told years ago to start meditating from a few spiritual friends but I never listened as I made up excuses like ‘Nah that’s not for me‘ or ‘I’m too busy‘ or ‘I don’t have any time‘. Now that I know the secrets and benefits of meditation there’s no turning back. Not only does meditation connect you to source energy, it has awakened my mind and soul. With a clear calm mind I can now feel the earths energy below my feet. I can feel nature around me while driving and I see everything in a new point of view. Its like my vision upgraded to the latest Ultra HD pixel resolution. I feel animals vibrations and have become more compassionate and kind to every living thing. I embrace mornings and salute sunsets.

Alice2I have become superwoman of intuition! I now listen to my body and how my gut feels, if something doesn’t feel right I WONT DO IT. I’ve also learnt to say the words “No thanks”. I’ve worked on opening my third eye more too. I have in the last five years predicted pregnancies, the gender of babies, arrival times of babies, marriage affairs, natural disasters, a couple of deaths and the death of my own brother.

In 2012 I warned my brother about the dream vision I had, it involved him dying in a car accident on a specific road in our hometown, a year later I just so happen to be with him one evening and the night unfolded strangely. I was pulled into a vehicle he owns (the one I saw in my prediction) by an energy force not even thinking or realising at the time but I was told by something in my head to get in and go with him. It felt like everything was in slow motion and the energy so strong pushing me in and pinning me in my seat. My words to him before he started his car was “I don’t feel like this is a good idea” and unfortunately not clicking in my seatbelt properly at the same time. In the moment of the accident I knew that I was in trouble, it was a split second, all I can remember was I was sitting there and it was like a higher powerful energy saying to me “are you ready“? I was flung thru the window of the vehicle onto the Bicharman Road. I don’t remember that part, I do remember another split second laying there with no pain seeing the vehicle spinning and coming towards me, in that moment I thought ‘I’m gone‘ as the tyres would have gone over my abdomen area. These tyres were worth thousands of dollars and not small, how that 4 wheel drive didn’t run over my abdomen only God knows, instead my legs got crushed and one foot crushed and flattened. I also had a massive head injury bleeding onto the road, again I blanked out and for a split second returned to consciousness in a ambulance where the paramedic was yelling at me, (my chest hurting) with his hands on my chest and another male figure standing behind him looking at me, I couldn’t see his face properly as everything was a blur.

I had flat-lined in the ambulance, I discovered after fully regaining consciousness coming out of a MRI machine in shocking pain that my brother was okay thank goodness for that ! and I asked who the second male in the ambulance was, the paramedic replied saying “it was only me there was no one else”. The accident happened just as I predicted, in the middle of the night, on the specific road and the name of the road I mentioned to him a year before. In the same spot in the same vehicle but I saw him in an ambulance pronounced dead with lights flashing everywhere not me. I have always been very close to my brother and believe till this day that I took his place instead of him dying. I must be one amazing sister to not die completely and come back to annoy him for many more years to come. This is just one extraordinary stories that I carry with me of a hunch that I had that came true and how magical forces of the universe works.

Message: When you silence the mind you will see and feel more.


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This article was written by Alice Hennessy

Australian Author/Writer | Intuitive Empath | Events & Marketing Manager | Skywatcher from Perth, Western Australia. Interest & Hobbies include: Philosophy, Metaphysics, Ufology, the Universe and Mother Nature. Travelling, Listening to music, lover of Film scores, spending quality time with my husband and children. Life goal is to be the best version of me. Delivering the message of ‘Kindness and Compassion’ whenever possible. Sharing the secrets of humanity. Humanitarian at heart.


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