I Yam What I Yam – by Nancy Zimmerman

I guess I am calling in my age, but when I was young, there was a Popeye cartoon and Popeye would always say, “I yam what I yam.” While that was in the vernacular of the supposed sailor, we hold onto this in our reality. We are the beings we are and we react accordingly. When we express ourselves thusly, we set a powerful movement going forth.

It has often been pointed out, in the reading that I have done, that these two words, “I am” are the most powerful words in the Universe because whatever follows those words defines us and creates our world and us. Think about that and what a powerful statement it is. It defines us and it creates us.

As a not so young adult, one of my favorite comments on something was, “I am sick and tired of this.” What I got was sick and tired. After I was introduced to the concept of the power of these two words, I began rephrasing the phraseology and amazing things began happening. While I had previously used, “sick and tired” it would work in any way. If it is cold outside and we say, “I am about to freeze today” our body responds with shivers. We create with our words. Don’t ever forget that first is the thought, then the word. With our words we vibrationally take those in through the olfactory sensory, or the nose, then it is free to vibrate thru the brain where the learning center is. If there is no one to correct us gently then we will be a product of whatever thoughts and words come out.

In an effort to help get you into the swing of this, I have thought to illustrate this point with a variety of “I am ” statements. You can decide for yourself. If you like some of these, and want to use them for affirmations for yourself, feel free to do so but first consider the vibrational tone of the words that are chosen, whether you choose them or whether I choose them.

Obviously, if we say, I am upset, we can understand that evokes feelings of a lower vibrational nature. Likewise, if we are “sick and tired” as I often spouted, but also things like “I am angry, I am disappointed, I am fed up with that person’s behavior, I am not giving them another chance to be my friend” etc. The intent behind the words is powerful also because it evokes the feelings and vibrations that are lower in nature. It lowers our point of attraction, and in doing so, it puts us in a state of resistance rather than a state of allowing pleasant and desirable things to come into our lives.

When we mention the intent of our words, we also have to add the believability of the words. If someone has come from a small apartment, or home of about eight hundred square feet and moves to a place of about twelve hundred square feet, they are going to feel like, “I am so lucky to have so much room” and really feel that way. If, however, someone has been used to three thousand square feet and moves to a home with twelve hundred square feet, their comments are much more likely to be, “I am so frustrated trying to find a place to put all of my furniture.” In both cases, they were not downplaying the looks of the house but they were expressing different emotions in dealing with the new home. These feelings are what draw the point of attraction to whatever level it reaches.

While the words that follow “I am” do not necessarily have to be extremely negative, if the feeling garnered is of lower vibration then the whole tone will bring the level of attraction down. That being said, I will close out with a powerful affirmation that you can use in about any situation in order to bring your point of attraction up. Feel free to use it, share it, even claim it as your own. It is an amalgamation of affirmations, I am sure, that I have heard from a variety of sources myself.

I am an amazing person, capable of creating an exciting life for myself. I am looking forward to each day and the opportunities that are afforded  me.  I am steadfast in my desire to improve my life, my health, and my spiritual needs. I am looking forward to feeding my mind, my body, and my spirit with things that can only increase my sense of wellbeing. I am breathing in deeply, all of the possibilities and exhaling any doubts about myself that I have. I am opening up the creative aspect of myself with everything I do, whether it is a hobby or whether is is a task like cleaning and cooking. I am searching for ways to improve my vibrations so that I can raise my point of attraction. I am claiming my desires and know that they will come to me in divine time. I am not worrying about the good things in life, I know they are already mine. I am extending love to all those I meet during the course of a day. I am going to smile and be the best version of me that I can be every minute of every day.

About author

This article was written by Nancy Zimmerman

Nancy opened a flagship line of self help books centered around the work necessary to achieve ones “Best Self.” The first in the series was “Embracing Your Best Self,” which focused on identifying the habits that keep us from being and doing our very best. In this book Nancy focused on her personal storyand how she was able to overcome personal set backs on her way to discovering that a life without failure was a live void of true self discovery. “If you truly wish to live, learn how to fail.” Her second book “Confronting Your Best Self” deals with how to keep from slipping back into old habits. The third book in the series, “Balancing Your Best Self”, was published in late 2015 and is the story of how to find ones Zen and maintaining your best self. “Great personal failure always pave the way to the abundance of great personal success.” In addition to writing for The Magic Happens Magazine, she is currently host of a show on TMH Radio called, "A Look at the Bright Side" with guests from around the world. She also hosts a local show in Anderson with the same title. She recently completed a learning based children's series of books, Sadie's Great Adventures, for children 3-8. Her current project is a new children's series under the umbrella, "Young Artist Series" offering high school artists the opportunity to add to their body of work. Learn more at her website, www.nzbestself.com


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