In The Twelfth Month of This Year – by Annette

This is the last month of the calendar year and I have been pondering ALL that I have had to be grateful for in 2015. There is so much, that it seems overwhelmingly beautiful.  Gee, what a wonderful way to be overwhelmed, so many beautiful reasons to be grateful. I’ll take that.

To start with, I have the honor and pleasure of sharing a home with my two birth siblings, a younger brother and a younger sister. I specify “birth siblings” as I have 2 step-siblings who have been part of our family for over 35 years. My birth siblings and I, while raised in the same household, grew up very differently. Because we have lived apart for over 35 years, we bring a wealth of experiences to our connection.  Of course there were times during this year, when we wanted to go back to living on our own (which each of us had been doing prior to this) simply because that is what we were used to doing. But that would only have satisfied temporary need to hide and bury feelings.  Living with my siblings taught me to appreciate my feelings and the feelings of others with deeper respect and mutual understanding.

Also, this year I took some major steps in moving forward with my dreams by publishing another book.  It wasn’t that I couldn’t have done this all along, I was so busy helping everyone else make their dreams come true that there came a point when I had to decide to make time for me.  Doing this brought me some much needed emotional balance, showed me I could create boundaries safely AND gave me a great new book filled with creative energy!

The need to place more focus on my health kept staring me in the face and I had to step up to the challenge. I had removed sugar from my diet a couple years ago and found a level of better health that I had yet to experience.  Still, in 2014 I had grown lax in paying attention to ingredients and found myself eating sugar here and there. Once I figured out what was sabotaging my hard work from the year before, I took that bull buy the horns and got myself back on track.   Being able to put the brakes on and stop the runaway train before it went too far, proved I had the strength to be in control of my eating.

Stepping out of my comfort zone found me venturing out into the world both socially and professionally.  By doing this, I realized my fears were simply conversations I was having with myself. To move away from living in fear was huge. Putting myself “out there” allowed me to feel the fear and do it anyway. I learned lesson after lesson about being willing to be vulnerable. The world, at large, offered more fun than fear when I allowed myself to connect.

There is so much to be grateful for this year and sharing these four, merely scratch the surface. I wake each and every day with a heart filled with gratitude for even the smallest of things.  Thank you for the bed, blankets and pillows that have cradled me throughout the night.  Thank you for my bedroom, home, and of course, my family and friends.  Thank you for my magnificent body in its perfect form and for all it functions!  As the day goes on, I find more and more to add to this list and will fall asleep counting THOSE blessings.

So I suggest to you that during the final month of this year, you take a loving look at all that you have to be grateful for.  Write it down, read it, take it heart and share it if you so desire.  Perhaps you will inspire someone else to do the same.  I’ll just bet you’ll find your heart lighter, your smile brighter and the world to be filled with love!



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