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I had a semi-catastrophic event happen recently that momentarily left me in a frozen state of shock. It had to do with finance. It was the kind of event that put me in a pivotal position where decision making is concerned, as well as putting into question whether intention was really working for me.
I am a writer. I made a decision about seven years ago to leave my career –day job- and pursue my dream of being a writer. I was full of ideas, but really had no agenda aside from writing lots of books. I soon found that my decision was actually a commitment to learning a new trade and that a basic talent for writing was only a prerequisite to begin the journey.

Along the way, I have learned how to do many things outside of writing; it is required for most indie/freelance writers. Barring a stroke of luck or a massive flash of best-selling genius, we need to be diverse.morguefile

My financial event made me question whether I would need to get a real job. For three days I fought myself about it. Is there a way to make up for the lost income without becoming someone’s employee? Do I have to put my dream on hold and essentially quit?

Last spring I signed on with a good friend to build a company. My role was purely in my capacity to maintain the website, create and manage a blog and all other writing duties – including lots of boring stuff. My compensation was a large percentage of the profit share group. That group is made up of all kinds of talented people who bring something to the table. We all get to work independently and collaborate as needed. There is no central office, we are all on the move too much to justify one.

From the period of June to the present, our company has pretty much quadrupled. Any time a business takes off it is exciting. The downside to that kind of viral growth is the manpower it takes to run it.

My friend called a meeting with me a few days after my catastrophe to offer me the first paying position in the company. I accepted since it is a sweet deal and I truly believe in what we are doing.

My intentions landed in my lap. It renewed my faith in positive, intentional thinking. I couldn’t have designed a better environment to be creative in. My hopes, however lofty, were answered beyond what I could have concocted in a good dream.

My experience, as well as many like it are proof positive that the way we think effects the outcome of our daily pursuits. Of course there will be times when it is all too overwhelming, and we may even doubt our ability to press on after a devastating event. The most important thing is to allow yourself time to feel bad, but be sure that you deliberately begin making forward steps; the best time to do so is just before you think you are ready. Have faith in yourself that you can recoup any losses and create something even better. It’s all a matter of intention!

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This article was written by Jonathan Ojanpera

Jonathan Ojanpera brings a wealth of creative talent to The Magic Happens. His artistry manifests as musical, visual as well as print so is it any wonder that we are so happy to have him as part of our tribe! In addition to his blog Johnny has published 2 books, The Watch and Gringo Parade. When he isn’t creating art in some form or fashion, he is at the beck and call of the women in his life, wife Lisa and a handful of lovely daughters.


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  2. Annette Rochelle Aben says - Posted: August 2, 2015

    Writing is in your soul. Being a writer answers the calling of your soul. I believe that intending to live the calling of your soul is to live a noble life indeed!

  3. Linda Lang says - Posted: August 2, 2015

    I love that our answers can often come in ways we don’t expect or can’t imagine. Having faith is huge!! I enjoyed your share.

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