Into The Mystic – by Annette Rochelle Aben

I believe in the power of fire, because I have seen what it can do to food and forests. I believe in the reality of water for I have stood in my shower early in the morning and felt it washing over my body. But what about truths that go beyond intellect? Are there some mystical, magical powers in fire or water?  Energies that we cannot see but that we sense may exist?

If we look are our lives this way, we are sure to discover intriguing mysteries. Perhaps there are depths to our personalities, choices or even our bodies that we cannot explain. Yet we know that there is more than meets the eye.

The mystical aspect of something is what makes scientists probe deeper and spiritualists seek answers. Children express curiosity without even knowing why they are so driven. But the energy we cannot touch, label as black or white or explain easily is often dismissed as merely our imagination or an occult taboo.

Pish, tosh! The energy of the unknown provides us the opportunity to expand our horizons. Gives us a reason to venture out of our comfort zones and then, most often, delivers us to a special place. Life without these journeys, would be dull and rather one dimensional.

Be a dream chaser. A questioner of where the breeze lives when it isn’t blowing through your hair. Allow yourself to sit in meditation and invite ancient wisdom into your space. Believe in what you cannot see because you cannot ignore that there is more than meets the eye. Be open to the truths that go beyond the intellect.

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