Intrusion-what to do? – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

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An intrusion is not welcome it is a violation, but what can you do?
There are many kinds of intrusion. It can be mental as indoctrination, religious mission or modern scientism performed by skeptiks. These are all people trying to make everybody think like them with no concern for the need or path of the other.

It can be an intrusion through bombarding of ads and commercials as you browse and surf the net or watch television. It can be astroturfing which is people manipulating the internet trying to create an artificial grass root opinion. Or make you believe that what they want you to believe is the common belief about something or the value of something when it is not the case. Astroturfers intrude the internet more and more particularly Wikipedia. Big global industry run by profit pay people to create sites making you believe the 10-15 highest results on the net all agree with their view.

skjermbilde-2016-10-17-kl-22-13-04 There are a lot of environmental intrusions through pollution that today can be found in almost all food and drinks and in the environment almost anywhere on the earth. This we can say is the intrusion of mankind on the planet earth.
The whole “air” is full of transmissions of all kinds of waves that we are not aware of. They range from TV and radio broadcasting, military activity, satellites to mobile phones.

Your neighbour might intrude you with quarrels, loud music from their teenagers or noises from machines.

Your doctor might intrude you with the treatment he profits from or that he thinks is right, even if he should have perceived your wish for something else more natural or less intruding.
There are also even more subtle intrusions in the form of thoughts and intentions from people around you. These can be good intentions and egoistic hurting intentions. Many of us do not think about how important it is with unconditional positive regard towards all mankind. A monk on the radio the other day said; my goal is to meet everybody as if I met Jesus.

Natural phenomenon as weather can also be or feel as an intrusion. It could be intrusion of heat, cold, wind, dampness, dryness or a hurricane.
We are exposed to a lot of different intrusion on many levels. The majority of the intrusions we experience go unnoticed. Some of them feel like a curse because they are something we experience again and again and because they hurt us.

This kind of intrusion that gives emotional and mental reactions in us are experienced like a curse but often hide a blessing. These are the most valuable intrusions, they come with a gift to us. When you react it is because something is touching a weak spot in you. Imagine yourself like a ball with a dent, that dent is your weak spot, that is where it hurts. The intrusions is telling you where you need to change, and the intrusion stimulates you to react at the most important point.

Some people give up, are run over, bullied or even get destroyed for life. Their journey is longer. Some feel they want to protect themselves others feel injustice and react with revenge and hatred.

What can you do and what can you not do? How should you react and what is inadequate? First of all let the intruder be the intruder. The intruder has his or her own course through life and is really not your concern.

Jesus said turn the other cheek to a slap. Hindus speak about Karma. Buddha said in Dhammapada 165 ‘These evil deeds were only done by you, not by your parents, friends, or relatives; and you yourself will reap the painful results.

We have to focus on our own deeds and actions and the best way is to look at it as something we can learn from through the cultivation of our soul.
Look at it as two different balls. One has a dent the other has an edge. The ball with the dent need to increase the pressure from within, the ball with the edge needs to be hammered on from the environment. What do you prefer? Is it best to have some banging ahead of you or to be on the path of inflating yourself?

The intruder will experience reactions and be beaten up. The intruder will be isolated and people will turn their backs. As a soul the intruder will experience all the feelings it has intruded on others, so it can learn to retract the edge. So let not the intruder be your concern.

You need to inflate yourself, fill yourself with the powers to not let the intrusion create any reactions in you anymore.

It could be you need to inflate your muscles, your brain, your courage, your guts, your heart or other sides of yourself. This is not a quick fix, it is a growth and cultivation, it is an evolution but the results are permanent. They become the diploma of your soul.

The Master Omraam Michael Aivanhov said that any problems can be solved by one of the virtues: Truth, Wisdom or Love. You can expand the list and subdivide these cardinal virtues into sets of qualities to make it even more practical or easy to understand.

The first set of qualities you would think of when someone intrudes upon you is to cultivate self-assertion, action, response, courage, confidence etc. It might be that you are beaten up time over and again before you gradually develop this kinds of powers. You can also start to exercise your will by getting up in the morning, doing physical exercise and hard work, doing martial arts or roll play of being a knight or warrior etc. Just putting yourself in the mode of the fighter before any confrontation is a step in the right direction.

It could be you need to cultivate the feeling of being worthy, having dignity, integrity and honour. Then you need to work with identifying yourself with your ideals, getting inspiration, getting a guru or master, devoting yourself to something or someone to aspire to. You need to look back at your achievements, see your values and start to love yourself.

In other situations of intrusion you need to learn to discern and discriminate, to learn to use your brain to differentiate and compare. It could be information you read or “facts” you hear.

Intrusion by bugs, viruses and bacteria are best fought by inner vitality, strength and not by drugs or vaccines. You need to exercise your own immune system, there is no free lunch.

It could also be you need to cultivate control, commitment, patience or perseverance, that is a longer journey and as it progresses you get more and more patient.

An important key when ever you experience intrusion is to ask yourself what is the quality I would need to be able to face this and still be as detached as possible, as undisturbed, as peaceful etc.

If the situation creates a feeling of darkness and confusion you need light, inner light to light up wherever and whenever. If you feel isolated and hatred you need to cultivate love, a love that is unconditional, that leaves you untouched by hatred. If you feel someone is misusing you, stealing from you, you need to cultivate justice. With justice you deeply know that what ever is taken from you that is yours will come back, what ever is taken from you that is not yours is a debt gone, give and take is just a relation between you and God.

This approach to the challenges in life is the path from crucifixion to resurrection. The Magic Happens Now!

Post script:
If you have intruded but do not understand it, you have some banging and hammers coming to cultivate sensitivity and concern for others. You will grow and cultivate yourself into a flower. If you understand what you have done you can always say you are sorry, show your regret, redeem and make things right as much as you can and your flowers will turn to fruits.

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