Invite the Positive into Your Life – by Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari

Thoughts are not just thoughts, they are invitations. We invite every situation and person into our life through our thoughts. It is not just a one-time thought. It is when thoughts are repeated over and over again that our brain structure is altered. Then vibrations are sent forth and connections are made to the matching energy fields. This connection brings happiness or sadness into our life. The choice is ours!

Positive invitations or affirmations have great power provided we resolve to change our thoughts and beliefs. In our childhood we were told to focus on our studies but not on our thoughts. Our attention was always directed toward the externals but never to the Self that dwells within each of us. As we grew up, due to negative affirmations and beliefs, we were immersed in the external world.

Our entire journey to live an incredible life is to first undo all of these negative thoughts and beliefs, and to replace them with positive affirmations of love and awareness. Yes, the good news is that we can change our thoughts, which ultimately changes our life!

We need to first shift our focus from outside to inside. Instead of spending time on what is wrong with the world, we spend a little more time breathing, stretching, honoring, loving, and appreciating our body. Practice affirmations with powerful and positive emotion.

Results will not necessarily occur overnight. They may. They may not. We only create frustration with unrealistic expectations. Keep practicing for at least a month or two. Let the shallow breath expand and begin the process of inviting all that is positive and harmonious. Wondrous harmony can develop when we don’t allow our expectations to interfere.

When we use positive affirmations we need to be aware of our expectations. Do we know what is truly good for us? Do we know what will bring us true happiness? How do we really know? Positive affirmations should not only be used to get something we like, something that we think we need, or anything impermanent from the external world. We instead use positive affirmations primarily to lift up our inner self so we can change negative perceptions about our self so we can learn to love our self deeply, and so that we may ultimately develop long-term peace and happiness from within our self.

Each and every day we need to take some time to be with our self, time for an intimate, unbiased one-on-one with our self, just to feel our dominant traits and our natural tendencies. If something is bothering us, let us try to consciously change our habitual negative thoughts into more positive, life affirming invitations. We need deep faith in the power of affirmations. We may have heard many times that “What you think, so you become.” But the forgetfulness of this fact happens due to the subconscious patterns of our mind. This is what needs to be worked on. Let us live our life so that we can see the higher peaks of our inner experience, not as a victim of our subconscious thought patterns.

Yes, once we practice both sending out positive invitations to the Universe and mindfully rephrasing our thoughts, our emotions change, our feelings change and we start to feel better. Self-realization starts with our acceptance of who we are right now. When we approve of our self, are compassionate to our self and love our self, then we will start having happier life experiences. Begin by taking a few mindful baby steps every day and we will move closer to our blissful, true self.

Remember, just as positive Universal invitations can be life affirming, negative affirmations can be dangerous. It is most important to watch what we unconsciously mumble in our mind. Our thoughts create our reality. A litany of what we don’t like about our self or our situation only affirms our wish to be miserable. If we focus on some hurt feeling of the past we will create a painful future through our negative invitations. Every negative thought plants the seed for future unhappiness.

The wise always say, “Never find fault in anyone else for the miseries in your life, instead look within.” Our miseries are nothing more than the consequences of the seeds that we have sown deeply within our subconscious mind. Let us always invite positive good thoughts by harmonizing our mind, our actions, and our Higher Self. That is the core practice of spirituality.






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This article was written by Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari

Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari is a globally acclaimed spiritual and motivational teacher, author, social advocate, peacemaker and innovative micro-credit leader from West Bengal, India. In 2005, Shuddhanandaa founded the Stress Management Academy (SMA), and began conducting global seminars on breathing, relaxation, meditation and positive thinking for schools, corporations, hospitals, prisons and other venues. He expanded his offerings in 2012 by introducing Courses in Mindfulness (CIM). He has presented his programs to businesses, universities and general audiences in India, UK, Germany, Poland, Spain, Kenya, Bahrain, Australia, Mexico, Costa Rica, USA and Canada. Wherever he goes, his vibrant intelligence, fully engaged heart and remarkable presence touch his audience. His presence bears the mark of his years of practice of meditation and relentless service to humanity. He walks the talks. He was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the S.T.A.R Foundation at the House of Lords, UK, in July 2015. He has authored several books, including Your Mind, Your Best Friend: 30 Days to Building Your Most Important Friendship and Cleaning the Mirror of Mind: Clutter Free Home, Clutter Free Mind, The Incredible Life of a Himalayan Yogi and Finding the Light of Your Positive Mind. He is a regular contributor to several magazines, and is a popular figure on the social media. Devoted to stress free happy living, he has also been regularly giving talk shows on TV since 2014. Websites:


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