Inviting Health Into Our Lives – by Nancy Zimmerman

This time of year, those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are coming off of a time of relaxed enjoyment during the months of summer.  In the Southern Hemisphere, the citizenry is contemplating the future months when they will be out and about enjoying the days of summer.  Regardless of where you live, there are times in your year and in your life where a healthy lifestyle is what you seek so that you can enjoy opportunities you are given to the fullest.  We think of health sporatically during the year, but never quite as much as when the great outdoors beckons us to participate in additional activities.

How can we live in a way to be as healthy as possible?  It is a question that we ask too often when we are not healthy. It is not quite as easy to come to a place of health if we are experiencing poor health, but it is not impossible.  The secret is to consider the importance of our health while we are healthy.  There are many practices that will serve to help us stay healthy and I am sure that most of you have heard them throughout your life.  We are told to eat healthy foods, to get plenty of water to drink, and to exercise.  These sound very good and very practical, but for many people in the world, it is not the physical reality of where they are.  What we fail to take into account is that most of what is referred to when we discuss health is the physical health. What about the mental and emotional health?  Is that not just as important?  The answer is a resounding, “YES!”  To that end, we will look today at not only our physical health, but also our mental and emotional health  in a way that will serve to invite the best outcome at any time in our life.  It is a relatively simple practice but one that we often overlook or have never considered.

To be healthy in all aspects, we simply have to think and behave as a healthy person would think and behave.  Our practices have to reflect a healthy lifestyle in all respects.  If we first consider out physical health, we will put into practice a healthy eating style.  It includes not only choosing healthy foods but also choosing healthy portions and ways of preparation.  For some people, there are not the choices that are available in the Western and European cultures, so there are less opportunities to stray into areas that contribute to heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, and other food-related health problems.  If you are pursuing a healthy lifestyle, what goes into your body will be reflected in your body’s response.

Looking at mental and emotional health, we have an interwoven aspect of health.  How we think is just as important, if not more so, than what we think.  We cannot control our thoughts.  they come to us as a result of all of our experiences and all of the external stimuli that we receive throughout the day.  It is how we react to those thoughts, how we process them that can contribute to our good health.  If we have negative thoughts that we hold onto and allow to fester, we will be encouraging not only poor emotional and mental health, but our physical body will react poorly also.  When we live in the positive aspects of life, we find that all aspects of our health fall into place.

The question now becomes, “How can I get all of these  healthy aspects working if my life is falling apart?”  The answer , once again, lies in our thoughts and our reactions.  Just as we cannot help what thoughts come our way, neither can we change some of the events that trip into our lives.  What we can do is change our reactions to those less than perfect events. We simply change how we react to what we perceive around us.  This is not something that can be changed overnight, but as we learn the way in which we can change our reactions, the process becomes more easily achieved.

When we live our lives with positivity, we call more positive events to our life.  We begin creating our lives the way we perceive it.  When we eat in a  healthy manner,, we are actually setting the intent to BE healthy.  When we exercise (a particular weakness of mine) we are setting the intent to be healthier, more fit, and the Universe will give us the wherewithal to get that healthier body accomplished.  Our attitude is very important. This is the tip I am offering you to start you on the path to a better, healthier life. I discovered about fifteen years ago that when I changed my “voice” from, “I HAVE to go help my parents,” to “I GET to go help my parents” the entire experience changed.  It was the difference of one word, but the different energy reflected in the use of those words made the difference.felt.  When we change our “have to” attitude to a “get to” attitude, it makes our efforts unbelievably easier.  Try it and see that is works for you also.

I will leave you with the following affirmations to help you live a healthier lifestyle.

I am enjoying my new healthier life.  I am finding joy in the choosing of beautiful, fresh foods for my body.  I am so thankful that there are so many ways I can prepare foods that will taste wonderful when I eat it. I am willing to try new foods in an effort to bring the very best nutrition to my body.  I am glad that I no longer eat some of the foods that are not the best foods for my body.  I look forward to getting out in the fresh air and walking in my neighborhood.  I have discovered that some of my friends are wanting to be healthier too and we are working together to exchange ideas and support.  I breathe in and breathe out deeply to clear my mind of negative thoughts. I discard thoughts that are negative and only hold onto those thoughts that make me feel good about myself and my new healthier life.


About author

This article was written by Nancy Zimmerman

Nancy opened a flagship line of self help books centered around the work necessary to achieve ones “Best Self.” The first in the series was “Embracing Your Best Self,” which focused on identifying the habits that keep us from being and doing our very best. In this book Nancy focused on her personal storyand how she was able to overcome personal set backs on her way to discovering that a life without failure was a live void of true self discovery. “If you truly wish to live, learn how to fail.” Her second book “Confronting Your Best Self” deals with how to keep from slipping back into old habits. The third book in the series, “Balancing Your Best Self”, was published in late 2015 and is the story of how to find ones Zen and maintaining your best self. “Great personal failure always pave the way to the abundance of great personal success.” In addition to writing for The Magic Happens Magazine, she is currently host of a show on TMH Radio called, "A Look at the Bright Side" with guests from around the world. She also hosts a local show in Anderson with the same title. She recently completed a learning based children's series of books, Sadie's Great Adventures, for children 3-8. Her current project is a new children's series under the umbrella, "Young Artist Series" offering high school artists the opportunity to add to their body of work. Learn more at her website,


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