Is it worth it? – by Aeson Knight

Sometimes taking a risk is worth it. Often when we are in a position of change, we begin getting fearful of taking the risk. What happens if you fail? What happens if lady luck is not on your side that day.

If you really think about it now every action you ever took including reading this article, has a been a risk. You may be electric stocked because you’re on a device while reading this. But you did not even think about it.  It’s because so natural the risks you take every day, from getting out of bed to going to that deadly bathroom then out into the world which is even more riskier.  You take risks everyday, some you have control over and others not so much because if not then you could not live life.calculator-723917_960_720

So why is it that if you are working on the empowerment path that you get scared to take that step? You dream of owning your own business, or maybe your dream of being famous but instead of taking that risk and packing up the family, to move to L.A., or quitting that job that your soul is not in love with and you feel drains you to walk in the door?

It is because the risk in your mind, is too great? What if you fail? What if you make the wrong move and lose it all? But you do not think twice to get into a closed-in space with water from a source you do not feel flowing over you?

What’s strange is that 150 years ago, the bathroom was rumored to be deadly, unsafe and risky. So what changed? People’s view points changed and we begin taking risks. So, in thought if we learn from our antsier why are you not following what makes your heart happy.

Now I’m not saying to quit your 6 figure job to open a business, but why not hustle after work and on weekends. These days there is no reason for an artist not to have something on line. Maybe it means making You Tube videos of you singing to a wall with a iPhone duck taped to it but it still gets you out there.

Some risks are crazy to take but those are the ones that change everything. Like someone stepping out on a branch taking a smaller risk, but maximizing your benefit as each risk pays off whether it is a success or a practice run. You will learn that what we have to get past is the fear of failure. If we let that stop us, we would still be living in caves. Risk brings change, and change brings growth.

You can look at the major changes that have moved the way we do things. They were not made by someone who took that risk from Twitter to Facebook. All of them started with nothing but a dream or a thought. Then someone putting in a weekend for their dream. Slowly, it took off one part at a time.

So yes the risk is high for you to live your dream but every breath you take is a risk. So step out and live that dream. If that means working 9-5 and then working on your dream from 7pm- 2 am, then do it. If that means you need to get a roll of duct tape then do it or maybe going to the local theater and acting in a small part. It’s riskier than doing what you’re doing now.

So take that risk.


About author

This article was written by Aeson Knight

Aeson has been advising people for over 19 years. He learned what his Psychic gifts were and how to use them at a young age. He then learned the art of Tarot reading to focus more on the question at hand; this gives him the ability to help other people along their path. This has become his mission in life. Tarot reading is as natural to Aeson as breathing is to get a Reading today you, except he has learned to focus in on you and your life, so he can answer your specific questions. He will tell you what he sees for you with no sugar coating or beating around the bush. Aeson will tell you straight up and give clear answers to your questions. He does not do any “smoke and mirror” tricks and he will not waste your time but give you pure truthful information. His reading have help people from around the globe, from the house wife who worried over her marriage to the government leader who worry their choices and what lays in front of them to the business leader who need a little help with where his company is head. They all have come to Aeson not only for prediction. But also life coaching and Intuitive skills Aeson has not only work with his gifts but he continue to study and sharp his psychic abilities then so that not only can he use the gifts that he has been gifted with but also give sound advice, and tools for your life


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