It Isn’t About You, a Choice in Perception – by Rhea Dopmeijer

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I own my truth and am responsible for my thoughts and actions always. That is a choice I made a long time ago. I know what effect it may have on the world around me if I don’t act and think from a place within my heart where Love resides and is Master. Not always able to tap into this sacred place within myself. When emotions are stirring up my state of mind, creating doubt or emotions of frustration. The positive and the negative, it is all about the energy which is being send outwards. Believe it or not, we are able and capable to manipulate as well to heal with our mindset and actions. When it comes down to it, we all are making choices at one point in which direction we will let life take its course.

We need to feel validated as long as we are separated from each other, from our creator and creation. When we are able to create unity within our own heart with our soul, we can choose again. How will we give our lives focus, how will we deal what happens in the now. What kind of experiences we are creating for the lessons that will teach us to bring forth more love and inner balance. This is possible when we decide to choose, to make a conscious choice to take life in our own hands. To own, to accept and even what we don’t understand yet for the how and the why. Yet, the choice to be living from the heart and not just from the beliefs we are taught, is the first major step in change of perception.

I have met a lot of people who have an opinion of me and have shared it as well. Not always in a positive way. I guess it is easier to hear wonderful uplifting verbalized comments about oneself. Even though it may feel a bit out of the ordinary, or maybe isn’t all true. Being authentic is also about the choice you make when this doesn’t apply. I can reflect on it and get even confused by some comments. It can throw me out of balance actually, when it is being said in a very negative way. The way it is affecting me, has always something to do with triggers that are still being touched within. I am a work in progress, choosing my steps as wisely as I possibly can.

Over time, I also learned, a lot of comments are more about the other when they want to drop a lot of negative energy. It’s easier when I know, it is so far out of my inner world and truth, it is about projection. Then I know it isn’t about me, so much. The way I am able to reflect then on what has been said, is changed by this perception. You know, when someone says you are being to much of this, or to little of that. It can be shifted by choosing the perception of mirroring what has been said. If someone believes I am to protective, could it be possible they are not protective enough? Or you are stubborn, because of the way they perceive themselves and think it applies to me as well. The more I know myself, understand where I am coming from when I speak or act, the more it will reflect and mirror on the outside as well.

Even though I can say it is not about you, it might not be understood. My choice to reflect and mirror from the Heart, through Love, is a road that isn’t always the most easiest one. It also creates this inner turmoil, where emotions are still lingering beneath the surface. My choice to deal with what comes up from within instead of reacting out shifts the perception. What ever choice I make, it isn’t about you, unless you feel it does. I know this old saying, whenever the shoe fits. This is coming up, every time I read something, or hear something. Do I fit this shoe, that has been dropped. If the answer is yes, I can choose to deal with it, or let it go.

Don’t take it personal when I choose to be more inward, just because I need to be. If I am standing my ground, and in my truth, it can trigger something. It is not up to me to deal with what has been triggered, as long as I stand my ground and truth in Love. Not to spite, hurt, or willingly want to address a wound that might be touched. Our perception about who we are and what we can achieve in our interactions with each other changes. Through love and attention, choices we make to be uplifting and caring. Becoming aware of the way each choice we make is either out of fear or coming from love.

Self-love is also about respect. Self-worth is about knowing yourself and give it the proper attention. The choices you make from this perception will not be agreed upon by everyone. There may be those who believe you are self-centered, self-absorbed maybe. With a negative perception, because we are being told in so many ways and societies, it’s not the right way to live. Being humble and grateful is also part of this understanding of the love and being worth. You matter, I matter, equally, because it’s our birthright. Making a choice that will benefit your own harmony and inner balance, will affect others as well. If this is misunderstood or attacked in a verbally of physical way, it’s sometimes tough to hold your ground and stick to your truth.

Your choice to see it in a different perspective, if it doesn’t apply to you, creates a different perception. Where you can see and understand, it isn’t about you. You don’t have to act or react, because it isn’t your fight, or inner residue. You can stay within your inner heart center and watch the reactions. You can choose to stay in the center of the storm, instead of being involved with the waves of energy. You fall in love with yourself, with all the aspects you are holding within. The choice of reacting from love, will alter any perception you had in the past. It all starts within, where you find your true colors to be proud of, to love with all your heart. Working through the emotions that are being triggered, you create a new reality for yourself.

And so it will be done

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Heartfelt Messages 1-3-2018

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  1. Kathleen McCarthy says - Posted: April 29, 2018

    No one should ever take it personally when another moves inward, or any other ward. 🙂 Thanks for the great article Rhea!

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