It’s Time to Let it Go – by David J Little

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What is so hard about letting go? Why do we hold on so tightly to past wrongs that have been done to us? Is there a way of releasing this “stuff” and moving on?

Firstly it’s not that hard, it’s our mind or egos to desire to run the show. Without something to cling to, it would wither, dry up and die. The answer the next question is; we have decided to live in that energy or story we have created. Did you ever notice that when people (I’m including myself in this equation) have a problem with their life or a health issue, they make a point of telling you about it in a very personal way.” My accident, My illness, My divorce.” Then they can carry the story around and their head using it to reinforce all the bad stuff that is happened to them. They may not even be aware they’re doing it.

The Universe will gladly give you more of what you don’t want; just by saying you don’t want it, you are reinforcing it. It doesn’t discriminate between good or bad, it just gives you more of what you ask for directly or indirectly. What we need to do is, change the story we are telling ourselves. The Universe, Karma, God, Creator will only give you as much as you can handle at any given moment. So ask yourself the question.” What did I learn from this experience?” if it’s in the past, or ” What lesson am I learning from this?” if it’s in the now. Then you can acknowledge what it is. Then you can say thank you for showing up and Let It Go.

This is when the healing really begins, You are not alone in this process. You can always ask for help from a higher power ( God, the Universe, Archangels, Spirits of the Earth) whatever that higher power is for you. This is the process of letting go of the past and letting the higher power be a part of you and your healing. I think I may have answered both of those latter questions here.You see where I’m coming from don’t you?

I can only say that this really works for me. Not that I don’t get angry or frustrated anymore; just that I’m able to surrender to a higher power and Let It Go.

May you find your own path to Serenity

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