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First, before I start with the musing I wanted to present, I would like to start a round of applause for our newest writers: Lisa, Donielle, Marie, Lamisha, Diamond, Suzanne, Jackie, Joanna and Tori. These brave folks have stepped up and offered their ideas about thriving to the mix. Please treat them with the excitement, laughter and fun we have come to experience with you. 🙂

Now down to musing…

This has been such an engaging could of months. Life has really asked me to step up my game – it has wanted me to show up as my most effective allowing self and to participate for all that I am worth.

Just the day before this was published, I was speaking with Mary K and she brought up the idea of over extending ourselves and how that happens without us ever meaning for it to. After some reflection, I began to wonder if maybe the feeling of over extending ourselves isn’t maybe an indication that our lives are working. Things are happening around us and events ask us to show up because the happenings are either helping us learn what we don’t want so we can better create what we do want or what we do want is coming to us in a flood.

The month of February sure started innocently enough for me. I was packing books with the idea that sometime in the late spring or early summer, Peter and I really needed to move. So I was packing and I convince Peter that we needed to begin looking for a house because it may take sometime to find the right place to live; there is a process of learning about neighbourhoods and how much houses for rent cost in a given area. (For the hilarious male perspective of this story, please read Peter’s account of these events in ‘It Doesn’t Matter Hun.’)

Everything felt relaxed and easy so I thought it might be a good time to home to Canada to visit the family. On February 6th I booked my airline ticket for the beginning of April – immediately following the publishing of this edition of The Magic Happens. It was extremely easy and I even got a really good deal with the airline of my choice. Iceland Air flies directly from Oslo Norway to Iceland and then to Toronto and it takes 2 hours off of my flight time as compared to flying first to Amsterdam or London. Yippee!!

Everything was still feeling pretty easy and simple with lots of time to do everything. I was still packing and Peter was watching the internet for potential housing opportunities  near his work in the stunningly, beautiful city of Moss, Norway.

Two days after the purchase of my airline tickets, Peter comes home from work and announces that he has found the first house for us to look at. Well that was perfect, looking at houses is part of the process of finding a home and I was really excited. So off we went, fully expecting to look at several more houses before we found what we wanted.

Surprise!!! Surprise!!! Surprise!!! It was THE perfect house. It was everything we had hoped for and more. So we applied and then waited a week to find out that yes, we got the house, and that we could take possession on March 1st. That was mid-February and we couldn’t do anything but pack for 2 weeks, but then things got a bit tricky.

We needed to buy some new things for our house as it didn’t come with a refridgerator or a stove and the kitchen was big but it didn’t have hardly any cupboards or counter space so the minute March 1st rolled around, we were in there measuring and planning. Next we had to go shopping. All of those things I already mentioned plus curtains and lamps and a number of other things. You see, this house was twice as big as our old house. Before we knew it, it was mid March.

While we had been moving some boxes during the two weeks previous, we couldn’t fully begin the move until mid March. We had asked the owners to refinish the wooden floors in the living area and so we had to give them the 2 weeks they needed to do that. We got beautiful floors for our trouble but now we were left with 2 weeks to move, get The Magic Happens ready to publish and all before I left for Canada on April 2nd… Whew…

Suddenly I was over extended without ever intending to be nor had I even worried about that happening.

Now I have a clear understanding of why we are better off to attract things more slowly than we would usually prefer. Our desire to move was fulfilled suddenly and we got so busy that at times, we didn’t think we could do it all in time.

So the second lesson I had to learn here was to just do the next thing; then the next thing; and the next and the next and the next. We had to have faith that we had timeto do it all, trust that our bodies had enough stamina and count on our relationship with each other for the personal grace it would take to get everything done.

It is now April 1st at 16:00 Oslo Norway time and I can say loud and clear – ‘We made it!!’ Nothing got broken and there were no injuries except a couple of bruises and sore muscles. I still have 18 hours to pack – I can do that!

Life is extra good when we decide, allow, trust and follow.



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This article was written by Kathleen McCarthy

I am the founder and CEO of the popular online magazine, The Magic Happens: Humanity Thriving Out Loud. I am also the managing editor and chief discoverer of talent. The Magic Happens is my passion and the work that I put the most time into. I am a believer. I believe in what is happening right now. I believe in 'the happiness movement.' LOA is really cool and it is also a universal marketing scheme. What that means is: "the Universe had to give us a reason to be happy before we would actually choose to be happy." Us Humans would never even consider a happiness movement without knowing what was in it for us Humans. LOA taught us what is in it for us. Now we can just relax and celebrate - be happy for happiness' sake. I am the river. I am the buoyancy that holds The Magic Happens aloft. TMH is about thriving, thriving is about being happy. Thriving and happiness are both choices. We choose to be happy.. Or Not.. I/we, therefore, offer you choices. We virtually hold your hand while you explore the new choice. While you explore a new perspective so that you can see yourself thriving. So you can see yourself happy. Join us. Read with us. Love us, as we love you. :) If you write, join us and discover the value of support among people who care about your passion and success. Contact me at Kat (at) themagichappens (dot) com (written that way to avoid spam.)


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  1. donielle s says - Posted: April 2, 2014

    WooHoo!! It looks like a great place! And Thanks for having me on board!

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