Keeping an Open Mind – by Linda Lang

I love being in that creative space. When thoughts come in, potential is everywhere and countless ideas float by at lightning speed. Anything is possible.
Being in the flow is so expansive. Possibilities you dare not have thought up on your own stream into your consciousness. All you need is an open mind.
And that is no small feat in today’s world!
For many, the mind is so cluttered with ruminating thoughts, pessimism about the state of the world or life circumstances, the daunting to-do list, the should-haves or should-not-haves… Not to mention the distraction of cell phones, computers and television. There is not much space left to receive. It’s a good thing that it only takes an instant to allow inspiration.

light-285564_640And once that inspiring thought takes hold and becomes more active in the psyche, it opens the door to another and another. Before you know it, a plan of action unfolds and creation is born.

This is the space of feeling energized by life, of having a goal, a mission, a passion, a purpose. This is not a place stagnant or mundane. This is the magic of creation.

And master creators we are!

I often get inspirations in the wee hours of the morning before dawn, or when I am driving or in the shower. Times when it is not necessarily convenient to take action. I wonder if the Universe is trying to keep me on my toes, gifting me with ideas just to see if I’ll remember them.  But maybe those are just times my unconscious is closer to the surface and I have more space to receive.

When I feel like I’m out of sync with my natural creative ability, I don’t try to force it. Just like wanting something too much, trying too hard can push it away.  Creativity comes in cycles and we all need some downtime.

If it carries on longer than I care for, I’ll make sure to spend time out in nature.  I’ll tidy, declutter, move things around in my space, listen to music, dance or get out my art supplies.  I’ll visit with friends I’ve not seen in a bit or go some place I’ve not been before.  I’ll go have some fun.  And I always make sure to find some internal quiet time daily.

The truth is that creativity surrounds us and permeates us every moment of the day. It is the nature of life itself. When we feel disconnected from it, we need only to open ourselves and play.

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This article was written by Linda Lang

Hi. My name is Linda. I'm an energy healer, a teacher and a writer. I have been consciously on my spiritual path for over 30 years, catapulted by a health crisis that demanded I look outside the box to find my healing. On my journey I have been blessed with many spiritual experiences. I feel very supported by the universe as life weaves to create growth and fulfill my quest to more fully know myself. I am drawn to the spiritual aspects of life, to live with joy and connection, while helping others to live more of their authentic selves. I especially love to help people expand their perception of what is possible so we can all realize more wellness, transformation, freedom and peace. I offer healing work, intuitive energy work, shamanic journeys and workshops. I have studied hypnotherapy, Huna shamanism, NLP, Reiki, and a wide assortment of energy psychology techniques. I love love love shamanic journeys, guidance & channelled wisdom and meditation. I have great respect for crystals, vibrational essences, essential oils, and natural remedies. I am a Writer and an Artist, and I am happy to share my experiences and support with you each month through The Magic Happens. Visit me at, on Facebook at, or send me an email at


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  1. Kathleen McCarthy says - Posted: January 14, 2016

    I think inspiration comes when we drive or are otherwise occupied because it’s when we have least number of contrived thoughts running through our heads which leaves space for the new idea to come in. I am often woken up in the middle of the night with a new idea. 🙂

    Good stuff Linda!

  2. Linda Lang says - Posted: January 14, 2016

    Thanks Kat! It’s great fun receiving inspiration, isn’t it? 😉

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