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I love books. I love the way they smell, the way they feel in my hands and the way they take my mind into other worlds and ideas. I loved the way they sound as I turn the pages an even how they look in stacks and on the shelf. And I loved going to the book store to buy my books, especially used book stores.

IMG_2297aI swore I would never, ever, EVER buy a digital book system like a kindle. Not ever!!
You know the old saying – never say never.

In October 2014 I fell down our basement stairs and destroyed my wrist and injured the soft tissue in my shoulder resulting in surgery. I couldn’t do much for more than a month, not even hold a book.

My dear sweet husband bought me a paper white kindle because they are light and I didn’t have to hold it open. Extreme circumstances found me very grateful for something I had originally said I would never use. And I loved it! During that month of being physically less than able, the kindle kept me from going insane because at least I could read books.

Since I was resting all of the time, I was often awake late at night and I could read the kindle in the dark. The back lighting is adjustable so I can read in the dark or the bright sunlight. The screen is not shiny like computer and smart phone screens which means there is no glare even if I am sitting in the bright sunlight.

Reading more than one book at a time is very normal for me. I usually have a good fantasy book on the go with heroes and wizards and leading ladies working to save their people or the world as well as some book that inspires me or that I can learn from. Then I usually also have a book on the go that is difficult to read but has a lot of information in it. So that left me with 3 books lying around and I found myself always looking for the book I wanted to read.

My kindle allows me to have all my books in one place and it is thin and smaller than a regular book so it is easy to slip into my purse or pocket and take all of the books I am reading with me. It’s such a simple and ideal situation for waiting rooms, train rides and warm sunny afternoons at the beach.


This is a page from the book The Afterlife of Billy Fingers. The yellow marks at the bottom of the page show the time left to read the book and the amount of the book that has been read.

A feature that I love is the way it tells me how much reading time is left in the book and how much reading time is left in the chapter, what percentage of the book I have read and of course, what page I am on. I love little bits of information like that and I think it would be very useful if someone is reading a horribly boring book for school or something like that.

Since the kindle is a wireless device attached directly to the internet in my home, it is also directly connected to the amazing site and its quote website called and if I find something I love in a book I am reading, I can upload it as a quote directly to the site. It is so much fun to contribute to a quote site. 🙂

Also because it is connected to the website, it is easy to search and find new books. And it only takes a few seconds (based on internet connection) to download the next book. No running out to the book store or waiting for it to be delivered to your house. And let’s not forget that the kindle version of a book is usually cheaper than a regular book – often significantly so.

One of the coolest features for me is that when I finish a book and it is part of a series, the kindle takes me directly to the next book in the series so I can buy it with one click of the button. As a writer, this is the most important thing about Kindles that I love.
If I write my books as a series, the kindle device will up sell the readers of my books for me. How cool is that?
Kindle rocks – in my opinion. 🙂

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