Knick Knacks and This and That, Make a Box a Home! – By Annette

Hail the New Year and all the resolutions therein!  What was one of my personal resolutions? I don’t make them in reality however this year I did decide to do something I had not done before in an effort to accomplish something I set out to achieve!  I employed a box!  Yes I did, just went and did that little thing. See there was this box just sitting in my closet not really having much of a life and I felt it was my duty to change that, considering I could. Originally this box was used to ship something to my home, a pair of shoes to be exact and of course we all know what happens to shipping boxes (and don’t pretend you don’t know).  Many of them end up in the streets, homeless and defenseless to their natural enemies.  Why a good rain can totally destroy the very identity of a sturdy box leaving it be ground into the pavement by passing vehicles or worse yet cast up against a cold, impersonal curb.  Let me tell you this is no life for a box that so honorably served humanity. Let us not go into what horrors children and animals have in mind for the homeless box left out in the open, shudder the thought.

No sir, that box deserved better and I knew that in my heart of hearts it was my duty to devise a plan. So I walked the box to its new home (out of the closet and around the corner to the living/office area) and placed it right where I could see it each and every day. Aw, I know what you are thinking… what a kind hearted woman to give a plain old box some companionship. Yes this is true, now the box and I could spend some quality time together which I am certain took away the loneliness for each of us in some small way. Still I knew that the box required an identity, yearned for a reason for living and one day I was inspired to change that box’s life forever! No longer would it be merely a plain old box, no sir!  I decided to use that box to store STUFF! Amazing I know that this idea should come to me out of nowhere but actually it came from the bookshelf.

See I have 3 bookshelves in a relatively small area and each of them is crammed with, uh, BOOKS! I have the books stacked every which way and I still don’t have room for all my books, let alone the books I yearn to bring into the house.  Of course my sister solves this issue by simply acquiring MORE bookshelves but she also has the room for more shelves and I do not. So I get this bright idea one day that I can take some of the books out of the bookshelves which would leave me room for new books!  Hey, I graduated high school a full tenth of a point away from honors, okay? Carefully I scanned each shelf for the titles that I would most likely not ever read again or yet for that matter. One by one I could find a reason why they needed to stay.  I mean who in their right mind would give up their Shel Silverstein books?  Not me! And right next to those were The Bible, The Kama Sutra and A Course in Miracles (uh, they cop a pass on general principals alone).  And so it went until I found 3, count them 3 books that I knew I could live without and into the box they went; so far, so good.

Since I had pretty much exhausted the possibilities from the book department I began to question other areas of my space such as the antique dresser. This marvelous wooden structure was invaluable as the 4 drawers were home to many gotta-haves and the flat top supported my radio/cd player and speakers (which were home to a collection of Angels, butterflies cds and a telephone).  Ah ha! In 2 of the drawers I knew there were items that could join the books in their new home for I saw the boxed items as things that would eventually be passed along to someone else. Into the drawers I went without so much as a pardon me or how are you doing. Oh joy, oh rapture for here I found more than 3 items that needed new homes and so the box began to be filled with more STUFF!

Of course for a few days the box and I occupied space without any real thought of the future. That is until I got the call from a friend who was going through a rough time. Aw, thought I, she needs some cheering up but what to do, what to do… oh my goodness the answer was right there in front of me in that humble card board box. Yes, there was a colorful gift bag, several samples of lady’s toiletries, a bag of coffee (happened to be her favorite – who knew) and of course the perfect BOOK! I was dancing on air as I filled the bag with goodies and then I realized that there were 2 other items that would be perfect for her daughter and grandson!  Hey, this was a moment for Kodak, ya know.  That box and I were making a difference, we were helping others and this gave our lives meaning.

I am pleased to report that my friend was touched by the gifts and she told me that she would be seeing her other family members soon to share what I was sending along for them. How wonderful that this plan came together so easily. But the joy doesn’t stop there.  I have MORE STUFF to put in the box and of course MORE FRIENDS to GIFT with said STUFF! Is there no end to the fun? Is there no end to the joy? Let us hope not.  Let us hope that this miraculous transformation of one seemingly lifeless box into a vessel of gifts and goodies can inspire you to do your part. I challenge you; ALL of you out there to befriend some cardboard today, to give a box’s life some meaning and perhaps you too (or you two) will know just how good you CAN feel!

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