Laugh – by Cheryl Butterworth

To laugh, is to release all the stress you have been carrying.  You could have been carrying it for along time. Yet in just a few moments the stress can disappear, with a laugh coming from the belly which originates in the heart.

I find in my hypnosis practice, that a majority of my clients come to see me for varying degrees of stress and anxiety.  I also see many who suffer from sleep deprivation.   These three things cause havoc with their lives.  The life styles they live in are just like everyone’s of this age.  Overworked, never having enough pay to meet all demands, yet still wanting more material things.  Those working for others have tenuous jobs that may be here today but who knows about tomorrow.  If they are in business for themselves, it maybe they have even bigger things causing them to lay awake at night.  I do find laughter to be the best therapy and hypnosis the second best.  I don’t always get my clients to a state of laughter but I do get them to smile, which is one step closer!

We all need to find that special place where ‘Magic Happens’ for us, where all pressures and stress disappear.  Maybe we need to revisit our childhood, if it was a happy place. If not, we must fiend something or somewhere that makes us happy.  Gratitude is a good place to start, if you are looking for a perfect place to begin.  When we are grateful our hearts are happy. Again, one step closer!  It doesn’t always happen all at once, but for a lot of people but, IT CAN!!

Take time to breathe and laugh.  Do this repeatedly, the more you do it, the better you get at doing it!!  Life is a one-time gift.  We only have right now, the present.  Choose happiness and laughter!  The more you are, the more you become!  So, make sure it is happiness and laughter!




Now, in my other life, I finished the story of Gertrudie – the Tooth Fairy.  Little did I know that I was going to have a themed article on ‘Laugh’ to write. I’m going to share a passage from the book that has a lot to do with laughing!


Well, back to the bench with Gertrudie and Armalad.  Armalad had his eyes closed for so long Gertrudie thought he had gone to sleep! He had not, but had gone into a hypnotic rest.  That is a place you go at least twice every day, just before you go to sleep and just before you wake up.  Daydreaming is very much the same, you are in a place where you are able to think and dream up all sorts of great ideas or you can just rest and be happy.  Some people can see what they are wanting to make or do with their eyes closed, they call this envisioning. These are special places indeed! 


It was almost like magic, Armalad opened his eyes wide and smiled at Gertrudie.  He startled her, so much so, she fell off the bench. Armalad asked if she were okay and she said ‘Yes, you just gave me a fright as I thought you were sleeping!’   He helped her back on to the bench, both laughing at the situation. 


Once all settled again, Armalad said he was envisioning how he could help her.  He said ‘I was walking and flying with you in my vision and I could see, you Gertrudie are very resourceful, when you could not get in the front door, you would go to the back door and if you could not gain entry you tried every window. Finally, if all else failed you went down the chimney!!!  Just like Santa!!!’  He went into more fits of laughter, the more he laughed the more infectious his laughter became! Gertrudie joined in, both holding their sides they were laughing so hard!


Mr. Indigo Squirrel from the book ‘The Ice Dogs Save Christmas’

Mr. Indigo Squirrel was awakened by all the laughter.  He had gone to bed early in the little sled bed Santa had given him so many years ago, he needed a great amount of sleep to be the wise sage of the North.  He got out of his cozy little bed, and opened his little front door to see where all the laughter was coming from!  There below him on his favorite bench, he saw Gertrudie and Armalad.  They were having such fun, Indigo decided to get dressed, taking off his night gown and putting on his hat and muffler (scarf). By the time, he reached his front door again, they were still in great fits of laughter. He raced down to the bench, being infected with the laughter, he, too, had to hold his sides as he was laughing as hard as them!  It is funny how laughter can make you laugh when you don’t even know why they are laughing.  But, it really matters not, the laughter its self is a healing force and makes everyone one feel so much better.

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This article was written by Cheryl Butterworth

My name is Cheryl Butterworth, I’m a Canadian. I love breathing fresh air, I love living in my dream world. My passion is seeing people become who they have always been meant to be. I'm a professional Consulting Hypnotist and with this gift, I help the big people. My other passion is writing stories for children that have good morals and values. The stories are not just entertaining but I try to slip in educational information, that will give that little bit of an edge to the youngster, so that they have something to converse with, to someone either older or just one of their peers. I try to make the stories interesting not only for the children but also for those older children, also known as adults, who will hopefully have to read the stories over and over, because they are the child's favorite story! I live in Canada, where the Polar Bears and Inuit live, but I now live in Calgary, far south of all that excitement. I did live in Yellowknife NWT, which is very much closer to the Polar Bears! That is where 'The Ice Dogs' book series came about with two of my friends, Iceberg and Ice Cream, who have adventures in this beautiful area of the world. I feel if we are nice and have love for others and do kind deeds, what one would call the Golden Rule and we allow our spirits to be soft and gentle, one by one, the world will change to be what it has always been meant to be, a place of love, safety and beauty. It may be a dream, but that dream came from somewhere, probably the Creator of the Universe.


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