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From a spiritual perspective the universe is wise and carrying. Everything is organized with deep wisdom and every thing is acted out with love. Each of us has an inner driver, a direction or goal that will complete us. Like the returning of the lost soul we will head back to a place we came from, but with gained experience. The returning is like winding back your life, is like stopping your continued mistakes and acting differently as you start to follow a higher good, a higher will. Higher in the sense that it benefits a bigger whole a bigger holon.

In Qi Gong the master is searching to return to the the “void”, in Buddhism this is called “Nirvana”, in Taoism is it called 無極 Wuji (Without Ultimate) and in Kabbalah the name is Ain (Nothingness).

From this perspective we are noise in the machinery of harmony, because we do as we want until we learn by the freedom of will to follow the actions that do good for the bigger whole. We are noise because we make things take time, we get involved, we slow down and we block. As we gain experience we see that what is good for the bigger whole is good for us too. The bigger holon could be our family, our community, society, the nation, the whole human kind or even the earth and the universe.

To go within reconnects us with this deep state of peace and nothingness we once came from, our spiritual home. It is, perhaps, necessary to make the point that the nothingness is The All uniting, and when all is one, it is also nothing.

As important as reconnecting with your own inner path, is to make sure you do not keep on staying stuck, repeating the same mistakes as if you have to listen to only that one radio station.
Most important of all is not to block the path of others. Someone said, the biggest sin a human being can commit, is to divert the will of another. In the worst case, this is killing, but also harming, blocking or diverting the path of another to such an extent that is stays with the person for years or for life.

One thing is the person having to deal with it, but the person that has inflicted it has a longer return and might even have to experience the suffering they have inflicted upon others, not as a punishment, but as a means of realization, or expanding their understanding to go beyond their ego.

Egoists, narcissists, psychopaths and others that take no consideration can be regarded as closed into a shell of egoism that closes them off to their surroundings. This is like a shell that needs some major hits and strokes before it cracks open so they can expand and gain sensitivity, sympathy and empathy. Sometimes they become isolated, so they are forced to move out of their ego structure and sometimes they might suffer so they start to ask for the help of others.

Do not think this is your jobs, it is taken care of either in this life, in the here-after or in a next life. Their path and returning to the void is taken care of that, just be happy it is not your path and pray for them as you let go of the sufferings they might have placed on your path.

Just let things other people have done go, let go! If it made you stronger, wiser or more caring, you might even manage to feel gratitude. Nothing makes it easier to let things go than feeling gratitude.

If you think you need to make them see or understand, even ask for forgiveness you risk being disappointed, it often is better to let providence take care. If you have learned from it, if you have continued, if you can let go, let them go too.

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