Let it Rain! – by Dean Nelson

Let it Rain!

On this central Florida Sunday while enjoying a cigar and iced coffee on my back patio, I am enthralled by the afternoon rain shower. There is not the slightest of a breeze and the branches and leaves of the live oaks, cherry laurels, ficus trees, pines and palms in my yard are motionless. The moderate rain is falling straight down and I can hear an occasional rumble of thunder in the distance and various songs of birds celebrating a gift from the heavens.

The feeling of elation overcomes me and I experience a oneness with creation.

My smartphone is on silent mode and it is just me and my laptop. I am content expressing my gratitude in words for the wonder of the earth. Far too often I find myself missing opportunities to enjoy Mother Nature and the peace she brings into my life.

At times, I get too involved in the business of work and projects to fully appreciate the miracles of nature. I pause momentarily to reflect on why I do not take more advantage of my connection with the wonder of nature that surrounds me. Is my work more important? Is it because I don’t appreciate that connection enough?

I find myself wondering how it is possible that I could be so busy with life at times that I would choose to overlook these moments of relaxation and introspection. Is my preoccupation with this “busyness” more important?

How could work, of any kind, be more important than the peace and solitude of oneness with creation? How could constant effort be defined as beingness?

Even though we can navigate our way through life with a sense of beingness in all things, it may still require specific events of recharge and reflection… at least for me it does. When I take time to be alone and relax in the arms of my Divine nature and allow myself to be at one with the Universe, my mind becomes clear and my body’s systems become in alignment with the highest degree of health and wellbeing.

An afternoon like this is a reminder that there is nothing more important, nothing more pressing than being at peace and thoroughly enjoying the beauty of life as it is right now, right here in this very moment.

Dean Nelson


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This article was written by Dean Nelson

I enjoy exploring spirituality and consciousness while discovering ways of improving life for myself and others. My first book, The Experiential Approach, is listed on Amazon.com in paperback and Kindle versions. My goal was to be warm and passionate while inviting the reader to consider alternative means of making meaningful, positive changes in behaviors and thought processes. The Experiential Approach is the first in a series of mind, body and spirit self-help books designed to enhance life experiences by providing easy to follow exercises and thought inspiring philosophies. This book's main focus is how we can change the way we experience life. My second book, The Mindfulness Approach, is also on Amazon and Kindle. It's emphasis is on the mind-body relationship and how we can use the mind to heal the body through mindfulness and meditation. The last book in this series, The Threshold Approach, is being written at present. It concerns the mind-spirit relationship and delves into much deeper aspects of our being. This book will share insightful, yet simple, ways of crossing the threshold of consciousness into more meaningful states of spirituality and coexistence with the world we live in. Visit me at AwakenMyPotential.com


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