Let the sun heat you up! – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

The old Chinese had a deep understanding of what was important for a healthy and long life.
They spoke about yin and yang as qualities in nature and in the functions of the body.

The kidneys were related to winter and surviving through difficult times. Kidneys are both the foundation of yin and yang. If you need more of either, it will be challenging to the kidneys if the condition has gone on for some time.

The summer and vacation are good times to rebuild your kidneys both their yin and yang aspect.

Sunbath the lower back and let it get hot, or heat it up lying on hot stones or hot sand, that is increasing your yang.
Also take the opportunity to rest more, take a siesta, take a nap, get to bed early, sleep longer if you need. That will strengthen your yin.

The kidney is the bank account of the body and it stores both yang coins and yin notes! Enjoy!



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