Let There Be Light – by Brian Escobar

The other day, while binge-watching holiday movie specials on TV, I came across one of my all time favorite films – Harry Potter. It had been a while since I last saw it but this time around I was looking at it with a different perspective. For example, It came to my attention that with the wave of a wand and some words that rhymed, the witches and wizards could make magic despite space and time. The only real thing they needed was a clear, strong intention and some sort of physical movement or symbol to represent it. Sometimes it would be dangerous situations that would bring out their best, but so long as they were confident in what they were doing, it didn’t matter if it looked perfect.

One thing that really stood out to me was the fact that each “spell”  was really only a set of words. The students themselves were already magical and so they only needed to say a sort of affirmation for it to be so. And this really made me think, perhaps every word we speak is actually that powerful – are we not all gods and goddesses? It made me realize how much I take the power of my words for granted. When you think about it, our words are the vehicle of translation from the realm of thought to the physical world; we can literally manifest our thoughts into form by means of our voice.
So in order to add power to our words we have to clean up the way we use them. In the same sense, words being a symbolic representation of intention, in order to strengthen your intent you have to clean up your intentions. Speaking/Intending from a place rooted in love is far more powerful than the ramblings of the ego.

In application, the kind of character developed from speaking your truth is one rooted in love, and when you begin to declare your new reality from this place, you will feel like you’ve got an unlimited shopping spree in the universal catalog of life.
The thing about expressing your truth is that it requires you to be honest with yourself about who you are and what you want. When you do come to that deciding point the rest is easy because then you just have to say let it be so and it is.
Life is a personal trainer for this kind of stuff, it really teaches you to create your own universe and know what you would want to see from it – we’re essentially gods in training. And like a good trainer, the Universe is always nudging us, pushing us harder to give a little more than we think we can, encouraging us to realize that we are stronger than we think, more powerful than we give ourselves credit for.
So really stretch your imagination and faith of what is “possible”. Focus on strengthening the faith in your declarations to the universe, knowing that when you ask you shall receive. The more you exercise this muscle, the better and faster it will get at manifesting things you previously thought were impossible.

With your word you have the power to create your life or limit it. What are you declaring as truth in your world? Is it the story of a victimized ego or the life you want to experience more of? It is you who must say: “I am ease and flow, always at the right place at the right time, doing that which brings me the highest joy. My life is a series of miracles, profound and beautiful. I am grateful for the experiences that have shaped me into the person I am today. Let there be peace & joy, let there be love, and let there be light.”



And God said…

let there be light

…and so it was.

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This article was written by Brian Escobar

My name is Brian Escobar. I'm a man of many hats and I enjoy expressing myself in different ways through different means. Some of my main areas of focus are Music (Composing, Live Performance, Recording), Acting, Meditation & Spirituality, Healing, Writing/Blogging, Fashion/Jewelry and Business to name a few. Lately my path has led me to work closely with the youth and to connect to them through the arts. I also feel a personal connection to facilitating their evolution because when I was growing up I could have really used what I know now, and so it's a desire close to my heart to be able to share my experiences and wisdom with the younger demographic, but essentially with all who would lend their ears. With this vision in mind I created a media outlet called "Be1 Creations" wherin I post blogs, vlogs, inspirational pictures/music/art, many of which I make myself. I hope to build an online community of like-minded individuals and have many talents contribute to the "Creations" so that it can become something that's by the people and for the people. With this outlet I intend to speak my truth and hopefully be a means for young people to have a voice and empower others to take their healing into their owns hands. https://www.facebook.com/be1creations


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