Let There Be Light – by Linda Lang

Hope sits high on the mountain,
Looking out at the panorama of all creation.
Like rays of sunshine
That reveal the beauty and majesty
Hidden in the shadows below.
Hope casts a new light
Into situations that seem lost and forlorn.
It rains down upon us from above
And lives within our very being.
If only we don’t close off the flow.


heart-68196_640But if we do,

There is still hope.

For when we open our hearts,

Even just a crack,

Hope can enter.


This is not that light-hearted “hope”

Of wishing for a beautiful day,

Or a smooth commute,

Or a winning lottery ticket.


That kind of “hope” only camouflages our fears

Of having a not so beautiful day,

Or a rough commute,

Or an empty wallet.


No, this is a place of deep hope.

The kind of hope that gives us life

When we feel buried alive

By fear or sorrow.


And if we could only come up for a gasp of air,

We might find it there,

Waiting for us.


For it is always there,

A glimmer of optimism

That eternally lives in possibility.


If we could only open our minds,

We might find answers to queries

Long lost in our darkness.


Sometimes when we are in that murky place,

Hope is the only thing we can reach for.

Faith and Trust are too far away.


Hope can move mountains,

Light pathways,

And open the hearts of men.

It can open the door to creative solutions

By simply feeling it.


If we can find the courage

To open our hearts

And our minds,

Anything is possible…


So let’s start with hope.


Hope angled 


About author

This article was written by Linda Lang

Hi. My name is Linda. I'm an energy healer, a teacher and a writer. I have been consciously on my spiritual path for over 30 years, catapulted by a health crisis that demanded I look outside the box to find my healing. On my journey I have been blessed with many spiritual experiences. I feel very supported by the universe as life weaves to create growth and fulfill my quest to more fully know myself. I am drawn to the spiritual aspects of life, to live with joy and connection, while helping others to live more of their authentic selves. I especially love to help people expand their perception of what is possible so we can all realize more wellness, transformation, freedom and peace. I offer healing work, intuitive energy work, shamanic journeys and workshops. I have studied hypnotherapy, Huna shamanism, NLP, Reiki, and a wide assortment of energy psychology techniques. I love love love shamanic journeys, guidance & channelled wisdom and meditation. I have great respect for crystals, vibrational essences, essential oils, and natural remedies. I am a Writer and an Artist, and I am happy to share my experiences and support with you each month through The Magic Happens. Visit me at www.thoughtchange.com, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/linda.lang.thoughtchange, or send me an email at Linda@thoughtchange.com.


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  1. Hakan Akdogan says - Posted: June 5, 2015

    Thank you Linda.. Great

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