Let those bridges burn! – by Aeson Knight

In life, we often use the words, burn that bridge or don’t burn bridges that you may have to cross over again. Many people say these words not thinking of what they are really talking about. Because they are not talking about the local bridge that was built when the town got too big.  The same bridge that you cross, every day to get to work,

In life we grow and change and move from one place to another, it’s never easy to take that first step.bridge-19513_960_720

Sometimes it’s the hardest step to take not knowing what’s on the other side. Often spirits or your life move you in a direction you never thought you would go because it is time for it to happen.

Each day we cross bridges we move about our lives not thinking what we are doing driving in the car walking the hikes some look stable and strong, support, other look as if they will not hold another once of weight, much less itself, but it stand tail and high supporting everyone moving over it.

I feel that as we move forward one step at a time, allowing our souls to bring us past that fear into a new ground, that we ether know often or totally new.

I think the scary part is an always the first step on the bridge because you are leaving what you know and what you have grown use too.  This is when the changes begin in your life weather it’s stepping out to a new job, new life or new faith.

These are the times you have to remember who you are, why you have taken the first step, moving as you cross the bridge about mid-way you will face your fear,

That people won’t like the next you or maybe you will not like the new ground after you get there? But you move forward on to the next step, the last set with your confident you are excited and still holding on to the past remembering the times you had there.  How you loved, grown, built, and now you are walking away from that into what you ask? You want to run back. But instead you walk past that moving forward, placing one foot in front of the other.The bridge either falls apart, or burns up or closes so that you can move forward holding on to the memory and remembering the lessons into a new future.

This is how your soul grows. It’s never easy crossing bridges, on physical level. The new River Gorge Bridge, is close to where I live, and  people always hold their breath. Even the slow drivers rush past it. Why? Because during that time on the bridge is so scary.  This too, happens in life as we cross those metaphysical bridges.

Because, like in life, we have fear we have to face, and with those fears changes happen.  We create a new path, a new you and a new energy about our self, sometime when we cross the bridges.  We face new beginnings to see that it really was not the height or the look of the bridge or even the ramification, it was time to grow past.  What was on the other side into a new tomorrow, a new career, or a new level of spirit

Is it scary? Yes, it is hard, you bet your elbows, but is it needed for you to be happy. So, as you set out to cross a bridge that bring you fear or you worry.  You will either burn down or will close off from you. Move forward to create the masterpiece you deserve to be often that means burning a lot of   bridge if you got a lot to experience, that ok.  When you have outgrown that space.  You are left with no choice but to walk across.  The bridge for a greater space.  Where you can grow and open up to more.

This is always not easy often that last step is painful and hurtful. Not just for you but for also for the ones that you leave behind. This happens people do not always cross the same spiritual growth point life points or even job point.  It important to take a moment as you grow into your new space that you remember those that are still within the smaller place may not see the reason to cross the same bridge as you did. That OK moving forward you will meet new things and understand deeper why this has happened.  As sprit will never build a bridge for you unless you need to cross that river to get to the new place in your life.



About author

This article was written by Aeson Knight

Aeson has been advising people for over 19 years. He learned what his Psychic gifts were and how to use them at a young age. He then learned the art of Tarot reading to focus more on the question at hand; this gives him the ability to help other people along their path. This has become his mission in life. Tarot reading is as natural to Aeson as breathing is to get a Reading today you, except he has learned to focus in on you and your life, so he can answer your specific questions. He will tell you what he sees for you with no sugar coating or beating around the bush. Aeson will tell you straight up and give clear answers to your questions. He does not do any “smoke and mirror” tricks and he will not waste your time but give you pure truthful information. His reading have help people from around the globe, from the house wife who worried over her marriage to the government leader who worry their choices and what lays in front of them to the business leader who need a little help with where his company is head. They all have come to Aeson not only for prediction. But also life coaching and Intuitive skills Aeson has not only work with his gifts but he continue to study and sharp his psychic abilities then so that not only can he use the gifts that he has been gifted with but also give sound advice, and tools for your life


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