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Many people complain about feeling pressured for time. Studies have shown that people use computers up to a quarter of their waking time. We look at our mobile phones on average around seventeen times a day. So how can your mobile phone help you find time for your wellbeing? The following is a list of tried and tested ways that your phone can help you find moments of peace and positivity.


  1. Inspirational wallpapers

Every time you activate your phone you see your chosen wallpaper. Your phone’s wallpaper can remind you where to focus your mind. Type an uplifting word or phrase into Google images. You could try Joy, Peace, Thoughts Become Things, The Universe Loves You or something else that resonates with you. The search engine will find graphics of your chosen words. Simply download them to create an inspiring wallpaper.


  1. Recorded affirmations

Affirmations can be used to manifest positive change in your life. You can record them using your phone’s Voice Memo function, repeating your affirmations for between five and ten minutes. Listen to them on your headphones throughout the day.


  1. Affirmation nudges

The Reminders app on your phone can be set to remind you to take the dog to the vet, pick up the dry cleaning or phone Aunt Agnes. If you work with affirmations then set yourself a reminder at regular times throughout the day to prompt you to affirm.


  1. Internet inspiration

Start your day with a You Tube clip of one of your favourite spiritual teachers. Alan Watts, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Louise Hay all have inspirational videos available on the web. I often begin my day watching one of Lilou Mace’s interviews with enlightened writers and thinkers on Lilou Mace TV.


  1. Insight Timer

Insight Timer is an app with thousands of meditation and mindfulness exercises in a variety of languages. Sessions last as long as an hour or as little as four minutes. Choose from meditations that focus on the breath, nature, chanting and mantras, self-love, stress reduction and chakra cleansing.


  1. Collecting compliments

A compliment is a wonderful gift. It makes you feel more positive about yourself. That good feeling attracts more reasons to feel good. Develop a list of good things others notice about you using your phone’s Notes function. Look at your list to remind yourself of the good that others see in you.


  1. Text and share

Agree with a friend to text each other the question: ‘What are you grateful for right now?’ Reply with the things that fill you with gratitude in the moment. Do this throughout the day to affirm and connect.


  1. Inspiring twitter lists

Twitter allows you to create lists of people who tweet about your interests. Make a list of inspirational thinkers. Look at your list each day for uplifting quotes and life-enhancing ideas.


  1. Video hugslet-your-phone-210x270

Agree with a friend or loved one that each of you will record a short one-minute video saying why you appreciate each other. Regularly watch your ‘video hugs’ for an injection of love and positive energy.


  1. Audio inspiration

There are many inspiring personal development books available. Listening to audio versions of your favourites gives a boost to your day. Listen on your headphones as you do the shopping, sit on the train or relax on the beach.


Mobile phones have made it easier to send emails, check the weather forecast, take photos and even film a movie. Now your phone can also make it easier to improve your sense of wellbeing.

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This article was written by Moon Laramie

Moon Laramie is an esoteric author and scholar in the mantic arts. He is a former advisor on health and well-being to the United Nations Children's Fund. He divides his time between London and Norfolk, England. www.moonlaramie.com


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  1. Linda Lang says - Posted: December 2, 2016

    What a novel idea Moon! Most people allow their phones to create even more pressure for them. Considering the possibility that instead it can be used for well-being, creativity and inspiration is perfect!

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