Let your soul drink your food and chew your drink – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

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Here is something to inspire you when you eat, read, feel, think or act: also as a soul you need to drink your food and chew your drink!
This old Indian saying is not only for food and drink, but also for your soul and mind.

The speed in modern society is increasing on so many places; sport performance, the speed of driving a car, how quick the news are updated, how quick your software is obsolete etc etc.

The attention span goes down. To make things quick people use calculators, speak to their computer instead of writing, look at YouTube instead of reading etc.

A tree that grows fast does not create strong wood. Knowledge that is superficial is not a part of you. Superficiality is not satisfying and we run on to experience new things hoping they will fulfill our needs and desires.

What we need to do is to slow down. To repeat things again and again just the same way kids do. Have you ever read a story to small kids night after the night the same one? Have you ever heard a kid say Can we do it again or just again, again?

Repetition is a secret worth millions. You can be good at anything almost if you invest 10 000 hours on it. Any master of any art or any profession has repeated and repeated what they do. Kids at school need to repeat and repeat.

What seems a challenge, what is difficult or full or resistance is dissolving with repetition in the same way as your food is dissolving so much that you can drink it if you chew enough.

When I have a challenging client, not as a person but challenging to perceive in a unified way, I read the case file again and again and again until the apparently unrelated information starts to come together into a unified picture.

If you are learning a new thing, do it slowly in the beginning, you can even imagine how you do it with closed eyes. High school students that were supposed to learn to hit the basketball target were divided into three groups. One was asked to relax and wait, one was asked to imagine the movement and hitting every time, the last was practising with balls. The group imagining did best and the group relaxing did worst.

Chewing slowly and again and again is the key to solving many challenges.

Also chewing liquids or not letting the easy stuff just pas through, but giving it an extra chew is a good trick to deeper understanding and mastering. What seems obvious, what you think you know or understand might give you a deeper depth or perception if you give it an extra chew.

Asking and asking again, is it like that, what if it is different, what is my presumptions. Can I give myself the freedom to question everything I believe is true or take it for granted?

Digestion is not only a question of the body it is as much a question of the soul and its growth; drink your food and chew your drink!


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