Letting Go of the Need to Control – by Patty Paul

As I keep learning new things about myself on this leg of my spiritual journey of self-discovery and personal growth, this lifetime called “Patty Paul,” I also continue to deal with certain key issues that are obstacles to my progress; issues that are always present…in one way or another…in every one of my lifetimes.

I know that my Soul and I chose to bring forth these important issues over and over again in my current life, because this time I’m gaining the knowledge and tools to help me deal with them and leave them behind. Every time one comes around again it is another opportunity to recognize it, own it and process it in a way that will help me evolve.  That is what I’m determined to do, for each of these major issues is a blockage that prevents me from transcending the physical realm.

One major issue that constantly comes up in my life is “the need to control.” My need to control.

Intellectually I know that “being in control” is impossible because my physical reality is a fluid collection of electro-magnetic energies; an ever shifting and changing reflection and expression of the multi-faceted, multi-dimensional “greater” being that I am at any given time.

I have learned and used effective ways to create a preferable reality…and I get to them eventually…but seeking to be in control is a stubborn old habit that I usually start off with whenever I want to manifest something. Often it involves another big issue for me: perfection.  I have been encountering my need-to-control-through-perfection big time with a project I’m working on now.

For the last few months I’ve been composing a complex ten-part proposal to send with my query letters to agents who might represent my new book about my personal experiences with my other lifetimes. This proposal has been an extremely challenging project because my numerous Google searches resulted in a variety of “how to write a proposal” articles by many respected authorities, all of them offering different formats and Do’s and Don’ts.

That has made my inner perfectionist very frustrated trying to create the perfect proposal!

Fortunately through these months I’ve been having my regular consultations with a wise and trusted channeled-being friend who has offered enthusiastic support for my writing and has helped me recognize how my control and perfection issues are mucking up my progress. When I was reminded that it is my enthusiasm for my book and who I am as a person that will attract an agent who will resonate with me and my book, not how perfect the proposal is, my whole attitude changed.

Recently my being-friend suggested that I work with the energies of Enchantment, Mystery and Magic…with a new suggestion about “soaking” (my word) in the energies of Uncertainty. (That last one was jarring for my inner controller and perfectionist!)

Last week I finished my imperfect proposal and have sent queries to about twenty-eight agents, who usually take from three to twelve weeks to respond if they are interested.

Every day I continue to work with those powerful manifesting energies, especially uncertainty, because the bottom-line for me…as the author of my life…is always: “I create my own reality.  All of it.  All of the time.”


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One sunny day in July 1985, after the end of another failed relationship, I sat myself down on my couch to figure out what had gone wrong. As I looked back over my life I recognized patterns I’d been repeating over and over since childhood. I realized right then that if my life was going to change, I had to change. In that moment I made a determined choice to find out how and what I needed to change within myself to have the kind of happiness and success I longed for. That profound choice opened a new door. Answers and info began to come my way within 24 hours - and my whole life changed direction. Since that pivotal moment, I have been dedicated to my own growth and change as a unique being on my own journey of self-discovery. Mine has been an accelerated metaphysical path...always seeking higher truths...and it has brought me increasing happiness, success, personal power and freedom. As a published author and public speaker, I love to share what I’m learning and experiencing. In addition to writing numerous magazine and newspaper articles, I authored the book: A NEW SPIRITUALITY: BEYOND RELIGION; and its Spanish translation: INTIMIDAD ESPIRITUAL. Currently I’m writing EXPLORING OTHER LIFETIMES: THE MEMOIR OF A SPIRITUAL BEING, which is expected to be published in early 2018. For more info about me and the feedback from readers, reviewers, viewers and workshop audiences, please visit: My website: www.23brightfuture.wix.com/patty-paul; and my Facebook page: “LIVING WISDOM with PATTY PAUL - YouTube video channel” I am honored and enthusiastic to be a new author for “The Magic Happens.”


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