Levels of sleep – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

Can stones and plants sleep or is it just animals and humans that sleep?

There are different levels of sleep, even for us humans.

The earth, according to science, was once unfitted for life with its acid rain and active volcanoes. Then over a long time of changes, it cooled down, rain made shallow seas where single celled beings could manifest. Finally, we got life on this plsleeping-eros-universeanet too.

Is it very unlikely that this is the only planet with living cells? Just think about the immense amount of suns out there with planets around just in our galaxy, not to mention the endless amount of galaxies in our universe, not even to get to all the universes in the meta-verse. For me, it is obvious that there must be lots of planets out there with life and probably a lot of it similar to the life we have here on earth. Some places evolution must have come shorter and some places further.

So what ever happens here was about to happen sooner or later. It was not new. Not an accident, or incident. It is part of a much bigger whole than this little planet.

You could say the cell was there all the time in the universe sleeping just waiting for the right conditions to wake up or if you like come into being on this planet.

In the modern world of science we only believe in evolution, we forget that there might also be an involution. That creation is happening after certain principles all over the universe it is just waiting for the right conditions. Evolution and involution are to parts of the same story and tightly aligned.

As time went by cells united also on this planet into multicellular beings and plants, fungi, animals and humans could evolve through evolution. They all needed the step in evolution where cells unify together into a bigger whole.

For each level something wakes up more and more. In the stone world or minerals, the sleep is so deep that it unites the whole universe. It is just a state of deep peace where there is no distance or time. A state where you could say they wake up into molecules and fall asleep into atoms. Minerals are awake when they are physically manifested. It takes molecules to be physical. When it comes to atoms they are more like a ghost or a energy cloud. I like to think of atoms as sleeping molecules.

In plants there is a little more noise, something is breathing, something is growing, the sleep is no more so profound, but still the waking up is just starting. Plants are no longer out in the universe as minerals, they are much more closely aligned with a planet. Plants give planets the ability to breathe, being the lungs of Earth. When plants sleep in winter they turn more mineral like. Look at the trees without leaves or the dry leftovers from the plants of the summer. Hard dry stiff and dead like minerals.

Imagine that hour of two in the summer after the sunrise before you wake up. Well something in your system has started to wake up as soon as there is light in your room. That something can be said to be the plant in you. As you are still sleeping your body starts to wake up. This is used in alarm clocks that starts turning on the light more and more to gently wake you up. Plants wake up by light. You sleep deeper in a dark room.

As the life on earth continued to evolve animals could manifest. Plants had made the path ready providing lots of oxygen. Animals sleep less deeply than plants. They get more and more aware as they evolve, but still are very subjective. They are self-centred just like small kids. Some animals sleep the whole winter like some plants, other animals sleep standing, some sleep with half the brain at the time. There are many variations. You could say animals become more like plants when they sleep, put on one place. Grounded in their bed if you like.

As humans go through the existence in the womb they repeat the whole evolution, and it continues after birth. Humans wake up more and more and as they wake up they expand their circle. At birth they expand it out of the womb into a home as they start crawling, later with walking out into the garden, they learn to bike out on the streets, to drive into the city, or take a plane abroad making the whole world is a playground or work place. This is not the limit, when you have realized your inner-self and start to go within you can even expand your presence out into the whole universe. We are back to the minerals!

Each step outwards is like waking up. And each step down is sleep. You cannot do with one of them you need to go between them as the breath of life, the breath of the earth with its annual cycles. And as you evolve, to evolve you need to transform the past.

To progress forward you need to sort out backwards, sleep is a gift that helps you do that. When plants sleep they turn into a mineral like state under the snow, or during winter. When animals sleep they turn into plants, stuck on one spot. When humans sleep they turn into animals indulging, only thinking about their needs, being egoistic, being afraid, fighting. An awake human is to be more than an animal.

When you take the bull by the horns and start to transform the animal within, you start to sleep deeper, more peacefully, with more detached dreams. Having lot of emotional stuff to sort out makes you stay on that level until it is sorted.

When you start to go deeper into the plant level you start choosing things in life that gives you energy and vitality; healthy food, fresh air etc. Then you do not need to refresh and restore to the same extent and your sleep is much more giving and deep. This reflects the plant level and the level where you also are concerned for the well being of the whole planet.

The next level you transcend the limitations of the earth and your main focus is to become a better person to be a servant for the higher purpose. At this level you realize that sleeping at night when there is darkness and stars above you, takes you out to the universe deeper and more profoundly than trying to sleep at daytime. You rather go to bed when it gets dark.

Yes we sleep at different levels. First we need to silence the growling animals inside, all the emotional tearing and scarring. Then we need to silence the factors that pull down our vitality like pollution, additives and other things we eat, breathe or drink that challenges our health, then we need to turn out the physical body and sleep in the dark. Yes sleeping in a complete dark room with fresh air, silence and rather in nature after having sorted out your soul is the optimal sleep.

All the inspiring articles you find in this magazine, can all provide you with the steps for a deeper more refreshing sleep, a state where you let the higher worlds involve in you for your evolution.
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