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Life By Magic Conference - On January 3. - 9.  2016 *****

Bring in the New Year in a New Way 2016
The Life By Magic Conference and Webinars are Hosted by Kathleen McCarthy, Peter McCarthy and Holland Haiis - From The Magic Happens Magazine.

For questions or help please contact us at: or call: +1 (519) 437 8180

Great gift,  stocking stuffer or secret Santa.

Give the gift of inspiration for postive change for 2016.

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We have listed some key themes here even though many different tools are being unveiled by the speakers.

Conference Speakers:

Holland Haiis: Consiously connected
Danielle Hughes: Forgive Yourself

Andreas N. Bjorndal: Vitality and Health
Kellie Fitzgerald: Spirituality and Money
David Franklin Farkas: How to Communitate With The Everything
Lania Desmond: Clear Past Life Issues
Sandra Gelinas: Heart Integration Technique
Kathleen McCarthy: Why You Shouldn't Be Offended
Laurie Seymour: How Discovery Feels In Your Body
Peter McCarthy: Mindfulness In A Cosmopolitan Era
Lee Pryke: On the Energetic Body and It's Alignment With Everything
Heather Periwinkle Smith: On Oneness, Communication and Magic
Wayne Parker:  the Wow!

You can find the biography and web-pages to all our speakers and writers at The Magic Happens Magazine by clicking here


For Seven Days, Approximately Two Hour a Day Online Seminar for only $39

Jan 3, 2016
At 12:00 PM UTC0

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