Light Atonement by Ariyana, a star child – by Annette

Perhaps we are being prepared our entire lives to do an be whatever it is we are being called upon to be doing and being while here in this earth in this particular incarnation. This is exactly what was running through my head as I finished reading Light Atonement by Ariyana, a star child ©2015, Prospecta Press. Perhaps there are people we will meet, places we are drawn to make our homes as well as jobs we choose simply because the journey we came here to experience requires this. Yet at the time this is not completely apparent. Ariyana’s experiences in what will be her first book (of this I am certain) weave this thought into reality and does it so well that you will find yourself pondering your own life at the end of each chapter.  What is so cool about the thought provoking chapters is that at the end of each, Ariyana provides us with space to post our “reflections” encouraging us with questions as guides.

The book chronicles not only Ariyana’s earthly life but her spiritual growth and blends them together illustrating how this “star-child” came into her own. For the innocent progression of life’s milestones such as schooling, marriage, having a family, starting a business etc. proved to be portals for Ariyana to delve deeper into herself. All of this proved to be exhilarating, enlightening, emotional and at times exhausting. The journeys of knowledge and knowing introduced her to many guides both in the physical and in spirit. All the while Ariyana was being given the same message over and over; that she herself was meant to do work on this planet, at this time that would help save the world.

Ariyana’s messages of hope and salvation are being channeled from her star family (Angels) and translated with the help of renowned psychic, Kyle Matthews, one of the earthly guides Ariyana met early on her spiritual journey. Even though there are many other influential, special teachers you will learn about reading Light Atonement, Kyle is someone who plays a major role in helping Ariyana interpret the loving information so we can all receive it in a way we can accept.

The writing in this book is honest and genuine.  One feels as though they have met a friend or connected with a school chum and caught up on what was going on while you were off doing what it was you were doing after graduation. As Ariyana is discovering her hidden treasures, facing her demons and realizing her destiny, there is a comforting energy that allows the reader to see comparisons to their own life thereby being able to see this entire experience as plausible and possible. Of course the magical awakenings bring a smile to heart and find the reader ready to believe that we CAN DO something to help each other, the planet and its inhabitants.

At the beginning of the book, Ariyana asks of us to keep an open mind while reading ‘her’ story and to then decide what it is that we believe. Well, to this I say that I believe the book begs the question, do we make our choices because we ‘know’ deep inside that these choices will lead us to where we are being called? Perhaps yes but one thing is for sure, you will never know unless you allow yourself to venture out into the world as well as to journey into the world inside of yourself where you can connect to your life’s true purpose.

Light Atonement by Ariyana, a star child


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