Light My Way – by David J. Little

What if everything was here to help you? How wonderful would that feel? Could you embrace the awareness that comes from it?

The universe it’s always conspiring in your favor, whether you know it or not. All the experiences of your life and lives are opportunities for growth and expansion. What if obstacles, challenges and conflicts suggest a way of clearing out the cosmic debris you have collected over many lifetimes? This could be a wonderful opportunity to enter into awareness, an every moment of every day awareness that allows freedom from the confines and restraints you have placed on yourself. Maybe they came from family conditioning or genetic lineage or many lifetimes of living the same lessons. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could use these lessons to improve our lives and the world around us? I think it would!

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So, let’s look at that. Everything that has happened to you hasn’t happened to you? What if your soul desired to experience pain, conflict, divorce, debt in order for you to heal and grow? In fact, so you could heal the world by healing yourself. How cool would that be? Very cool indeed!

So, let’s explore that a little. If we bring awareness to all situations and are truly connected to our heart, then all  situations are opportunities for growth and expansion of our soul. With this expansion comes the dissolving of the ego. From this perspective there are no attachments of outcomes, to winning or losing. There is no battle, only growth and expansion of our soul. Yes,we need the ego, but in a heart centered way, with the knowledge that the universe has brought us here to expand our light, clear past limiting beliefs and shine that light upon the world for the benefit of everyone and everything. When you can see this in the daily moments of your life, then there is a perfect purpose to it. So, go on my friend, take that path and find your purpose.

The world is ready for you to shine your light!

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This article was written by David Little

Who is David Little? David lives and plays in Vancouver, B.C. one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Oh yeah that's in Canada eh! He is a meditator, student of spiritual enlightenment, guitar player, singer and 4th Dan Ki Aikido practitioner and instructor.Oh yes, he also enjoys writing, is an intuitive life coach and part time ghost buster. He is presently working with spirit to help and heal people in the physical world and beyond.How do we live together in the spirit of cooperation? Please feel free to contact David at if you want to hear more about what David does.


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