Lighten Up in September – by Annette Rochelle Aben

Let’s see, 30 days hath September, right? Of course, and that means there are 30 days for you to embrace a wonderful opportunity.  Take each of the days of September and free yourself of something you no longer require. This could mean something physical such as clothing you no longer wear or jewelry that has been hanging around the jewelry box but hasn’t seen the light of day in ages. This could also be something intangible such as a worry or emotional attachment that seems to leave you more distressed than happy. Naturally, the last suggestion may be a bit harder to accomplish but it is possible.

Why would you want to do this, using September as a month of pitching and purging? Why not? No time like the present. You have been ripping and running throughout the summer. In and out of your vehicle, office, home and possibly even a vacation spot. The focus has been more on the task at hand be it work or fun, so who has had time to manage the “up keep” of your surroundings?  We’ve got lots of holidays on the horizon, which means loads of things to accomplish during those times, leaving very little time for much else.

Load up a box and take it to a local shelter, animal or human. Animal shelters can use towels and blankets as well as food and money. Human shelters can use books, clothing and board games. Perhaps you have a box of broken jewelry just waiting for the new life you’ve not had the chance to provide. Is there is an art class at a local school or church who might need some raw materials? Keep the senior centers in mind for puzzles, afghans and sweaters.

Now, freeing yourself of emotional attachments is a bit different. Here, you’d be more likely to learn coping skills such as taking a yoga or meditation class. In the 30 days of September, you have plenty of time to establish a new habit and that habit can be something that gives you the energy to make it through those pending holidays. You’ll inhale positive and exhale that which you are willing to release.

You might find you’ll have a better time if, by the time the holidays arrive, you have less to move around to make room for the decorations. You might have the capacity to enjoy yourself more if you aren’t carrying around the stresses of emotions that block said enjoyment. All in all, you have nothing to lose by giving it the old college try!

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