Lighten Up on Tomorrow – by Annette Rochelle Aben

Ever hear the expression: “Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday?” Go ahead and giggle, I’ll wait.

Okay then, the phrase points out the tail chasing circle our thoughts can create. Obviously, there is almost nothing more frustrating than wasting an entire day worrying about something that has yet to happen. So, I am here to start a movement. This movement’s purpose is to relieve a burden on an innocent. Let’s all give tomorrow, a break. Let’s cease the senseless pressure on tomorrow to make up for all the stress of today.  Let’s give tomorrow the right to be what IT wants to be and to no longer feel obligated to make us feel better. Let’s Lighten Up on Tomorrow!

Imagine a tomorrow filled with joy!  A tomorrow, dawning in happiness!  A tomorrow, grooving simply because it can (and it does know how to groove).  What a gift to offer to every tomorrow!  By showing tomorrow this compassion and respect, each of us can rest assured that we are cultivating a friend for life.

YOU have the power to do this! YOU can make the difference in the future of tomorrow!  YOU can be tomorrow’s best friend!  YOU got this!  Now, go forth in all your glory, knowing that tomorrow is breathing a sigh of relief!

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