Listen A Friend – by Marie Pollnow

Listen she has been a good friend

She has helped me many times

When my dumbass gave in


Listen is someone who tells you

What you need to hear

Listen is a person you’ll hold dear


She resides within, she resides without

When you keep her near she will

Banish all doubt

About author

This article was written by Marie Magick

I love animals, magic, love and peace. I believe in Universal Laws, love Metaphysics, dabbling in Magick, crystals, herbs and creating things from nothing. My favorite place to be is in nature. I don't believe in this mamby pamby career restrictive thinking. I am a Truther... proud of it. I love writing and am so grateful to be here, woo hoo! My future goals are to write several books of a spiritual nature, take a foot out of the grid... in other words not out of the grid 100% just a little out. I believe in vibration, intention, allowing, growing and loving. I also believe we all should stand in our truth and value ourselves. Never let someone else determine your worth. I am still learning on this journey of life and looking for my partner, love and conspirator to walk this path with me, I like to exercise as well, it is life energy. Animals are my friends and you might catch me reading a book on witchcraft. Don't be scared!! - Love and Light!!- - Restricted thinking, restricted life. Expansive thinking, expansive life. ~Marie E. Pollnow.


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  1. Kathleen McCarthy says - Posted: May 5, 2014

    Very unique Marie. I think it is the first time we ever had a poem used as a Themed Article. Good Job!

  2. Samadhiatman500 says - Posted: May 6, 2014

    Thank you so much. I am honored.

  3. Samadhiatman500 says - Posted: May 6, 2014

    Thank you I am honored.

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