Listen then Ask ~ by Mary K

firstlisten-thenask2Here at THE MAGIC HAPPENS you may have noticed we select a prompt for each issues theme.  It’s fun, and for me very revealing, to see what ideas and stories are inspired by these prompts. With the relaunch of the magazine we’ve stayed with a single word for the prompt… this may not always be the case… but it appears to be working brilliantly right now.

I can’t remember there being a lot of thought put into any connection between the theme’s of consecutive issues but for some reason, as I pondered this issues prompt of ‘ASK’, I was tickled by the fact it followed the ‘LISTEN’ themed April issue. That’s because I have learned the value of listening before asking.

Now I realize most, if not all of us, as young children heard our teachers and/or parents remind us to listen before asking questions, this certainly saves us a lot of grief and confusion as often the questions that pop up as we listen to instructions/directions will be answered if we can still the mind chatter and pay attention until the speaker is complete with their message.

In the last issue I spoke about listening to you heart in my article Listen to Me — the thing I’ve learned about listening to your heart is that when you do, it inspires better questions which lead to inspired actions which result in greater magic happening in your life.

So let this issue remind you to follow your curiosity and listen and ASK… and know it will be given!

Mary K


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This article was written by Mary K Weinhagen

Hi, I’m Mary K… I have been with The Magic Happen since the founding days in July 2007. I'm a spiritual adventurer, a mom and grandmom, a blogger, a reader, a fair weather gardener, a walker, a lover of words, a writer, coach and mentor. Ultimately, all of my work is about empowering people to step into their power and play big in the world. Because life is meant to be fun and if you be yourself, there is no competition. Just a joyful, amazing YOU, needed on the Planet at exactly this moment! ~ send me a friend request, let's get to know each other. :)


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  1. Annette Rochelle Aben says - Posted: June 1, 2014

    I have learned the importance of listening as well as asking.. When I ask people questions it is in the hope of showing them I am interested in what they have to share with me. So, what’s your best summer food recipe? xoxo

  2. Mary K says - Posted: June 2, 2014

    And that’s something you’re very good at Annette! 🙂

    Last summer I shared my Broccoli Salad recipe because I found myself going to several large gatherings and it’s a favorite and easy-to-make. I’ve recently received two requests to bring it to gatherings this year. You can find it here:

    What’s your best summer food recipe, Annette?

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