Listening to The Call – by Lisa Campion

I love the topic of listening. As a psychic and spiritual counselor, I listen to people all day long, it’s a huge part of my job. And as a teacher of psychic development and energy medicine, I also teach people to listen to their own inner guidance.

Listening is where it is at.

Listening to yourself.

Listening to others.

And listening to God/Source/Spirit.

And yet, this inner listening can be a little tricky. It’s so much harder then we think! I have been training emerging psychics for many years and know that listening (or more often not listening) is one of the biggest challenges that we intuitives face.

How often do you listen to that inner voice and how often do you blow it off? It’s all too easy to ignore it, right?

Here is one of mine. “Quit eating sugar.”

I hear this one almost every day. My hand stops midway to the cookie jar.

“WHAT?” I say… “I can’t hear you!!!”  I’m like a little old lady with my hearing aid turned down to ignore.

Who wants to hear that? And yet, my Dad is a diabetic so I really better quit now while I still have a functioning pancreas.

See what I mean? Listening to our inner guidance is tricky.

If you want to increase your psychic skills then the best thing you can do is to pay attention and listen to the guidance that is already coming in. It makes sense right? That which we pay attention to gets stronger. And listening to the inner guidance that you are already getting is like taking to your intuition to the gym and giving it a good work out.

Since when you don’t listen to your guidance, it shuts down.

It’s not just about listening, that is the first part of being psychic. You must listen to the guidance you are already getting and then actually doing something about it. Yep, we must actually do something about it!

We listen, and then we act on that guidance. And here is the kicker, your guidance will stop if you skip either step.

I imagine my guides up there in Angel World rolling their eyes and sighing with exaggerated patience. “You think we are going to give you the BIG KAHUNA information if you can’t take direction on the little stuff? No way, Jose. Quit eating sugar.”

Finally, I heed the call. I quit eating sugar and my angels and pancreas rejoiced.

Real guidance is usually not the Fluffy Pink Bunny variety. Many people have this misconception based on watching too many TV shows about psychics. In those shows, the beautiful and kind guardian angel swoops down out the glowing golden clouds of heaven just to drop by and give you the thumbs up.

“You are doing great!  No problems from up here!”

Or they dive heroically into the Earth Plane to pull you out from under the burning car, talk you off the ledge, or let you know that Timmy has fallen down the well again.

Your inner guidance might come in to tell you “Don’t forget milk, you are out at home…” when you are cruising through the market and hopefully you have learned over the years that it really pays to listen to that voice. It never goes that well when you don’t, right?

Or perhaps you hear, “You should really take the back roads today, there is a three mile back up on the highway.”

That is not too hard to hear, and is pretty handy, certainly.

Same as “Don’t get in the car with the five drunk guys…. Just saying!” (I have heard that one… And listened! Phew!) And if we don’t listen to the little messages that grease the wheels of every day life, how are we ever going to hear the big ones, the tough love ones?

My experience with angels was always more intense then the pretty pictures that I see on the angel cards. When I was little I used to see them all the time and they quite frankly terrified the bejesus out of me. I remember curling up in my bed and hiding from them.

“Crap!  It’s THOSE guys again…!”

To start with, they never looked like beautiful people with wings and halos.  Not for me the chubby pink cherubs, it was more like big columns of light with a rushing noise like an express train or a gale force wind. Sometimes they had weird conglomerations of wings, feathers, eyes and flames. Yikes.

Even as a child, I never got reassuring messages from them. More like marching orders and massive course corrections. Now forty years later, when I see one coming, I still react that way.

“Crap, its THOSE guys again! What did I do this time? Or what do they want ME to do?”

Either way, it’s not for the faint of heart. Those dudes are intense! Granted, I know that not everyone has the same experience with angels that I do, but I will stick to my guns here and tell you that I think REAL guidance is always a little hard to swallow and that is why we don’t listen.

The big kahuna guidance we receive from our guides is the difficult, life-changing, smack you with a two by four variety. The temptation to put our etheric fingers in our ears and loudly sing “La, la, la, la!” is very strong when that kind of guidance comes through.

Basically this is because our real guidance is serious stuff. Whether you believe it comes from your angels, your own soul or from God, it’s always about stepping out of our comfort zone in some pretty big ways. That kind of guidance comes in to shake you up and your soul doesn’t care two figs about your comfort zone. In fact the comfort zone is really the No Growth Zone.

Maybe this deep guidance comes like mine did many years ago. I woke up out of a dead sleep and sat bolt upright in bed, shaking and in a cold sweat. I heard the words; “You are going to get divorced soon. Get ready,”  the sound ringing in my ears like a trumpet.

I didn’t want to get divorced.

My kids were still so little! I hadn’t had a real job in ages. It wasn’t in my plan. But I couldn’t deny what I had heard. So reluctantly I listened and got ready. Good thing too, since several months later, my now-ex moved out.

One of my clients listened to his big, soul shaking call and quit his corporate job, moved out west and became a park ranger. Left everything behind here on the East coast and found his dream job and dream life walking across the Continental Divide everyday.

Maybe your inner voice tells you quietly and persistently to take better care of yourself, to clean up your diet and get some exercise. Or to finally sit down and write that book, take art classes or leave your soul killing day job.

What if the message is to pop into the funny little bookstore on the corner on the same day, in the same five minutes that your longed for soulmate happens to be there?

It takes courage and guts to do that kind of listening and in my experience it never really gets easier.

“Who me? You want me to do what?” That is what I say these days when my deep guidance shows up. The urge to whine and complain is strong.  And it’s all too easy to pretend it never happened. “I see nothing! I hear nothing!”

I know better and I still have to lean into the big ones, since no matter how far I have come on my journey, I still am constantly stretched outside of my comfort zone. And yet I know that even if it’s scary upfront, it’s usually easier to listen, and act on it then take the consequences of not first listening and then acting.

And what about you?

If you took time to really listen to your soul today, what would it say?  And are you ready to move with your guidance? If you want to increase your inner guidance, start by listening to the little urgings, the persistent whispers, the gentle nudges. And then work your way up to the big, soul shakers.

Are you ready to listen?



About author

This article was written by Lisa Campion

Lisa Campion is a psychic and energy healer with 30 years experience. Lisa incorporates psychic readings, energy work and spiritual counseling into her sessions. Lisa specializes in empowering and training psychics, empaths and energy healers. Her offices are in Medway, MA and she is available for private readings and energy healings, including phone and Skype sessions.


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  1. Kathleen McCarthy says - Posted: May 5, 2014

    Wow sounds like you have and epic story to tell Lisa. 🙂 This is a stunning article about listening to guidance and I am sure it will be especially useful to those just beginning to touch on the idea. Thanks for participating…

  2. Annette Rochelle Aben says - Posted: May 14, 2014

    Gotta LOVE someone who connects with Angels!

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