Live, Love, Laugh, for All Is Well! – by Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari

Laughter is “God,” for we are born from the One Source, and the Source is Pure Existence, and Pure Consciousness, but more so, Pure Bliss, Joy, and Laughter! When we are most happy, we just laugh and laugh and with laughter we express the inner purity of our essential blissful nature.

To be religious does not mean we have to put up a serious and long face! All religious practices are meant to unite us with God, in whatever form, but one God that goes without any controversy is the God of love and laughter. When we are cheerful and smiling and we don’t have to pray, God will keep smiling at us for isn’t God the One who always mirrors our inner face!!

LOL!! That is the sweetest path to God!! For God is laughing all the time seeing the seriousness of people who are out there trying to change the world without having the slightest understanding of the game of their own inner mind and its conspiracies. When we laugh when faced with the odds of life, our ego gets a jolt! Its conspiracy gets exposed!!

But it is most important to remember we are all insensitive from time to time with our laughter. We lash out in anger. We gossip. We fall into teasing without realizing the personal cost to the one on the receiving end of our humor. We can be oblivious of the threshold at which a joke becomes ridicule. We need to take care when we laugh that we are not doing so at the expense of any other human being.

Yes, we can joke, but joke at our own cost, not at the cost of others. Let us be very careful about that threshold, which most of us cross without realizing it. 

When we love God unconditionally we will see that we are moment to moment in such causeless joy, that our laughter is like the fresh water from a fountain. We don’t forcefully laugh, but our laughter is like a child’s laughter without any tooth! But the child’s laughter is God’s laughter, for it brings instant joy to many, many people who are luckily around the child. The laughter that is God is infectious, it will bring the bliss of our Spirit in no time and people will love to be in our company.

On the other hand, laughter can be the way to handle criticisms. If the criticism is justified, we need to mend our self. But if it is unjust, just laugh. God has been very kind to us when he granted us two ears. There are certain people around us who are just there to criticize, pass negative comments and show their pseudo-power! They feel happy as long as they can control the other and win by creating fear! In the company of such people the best way is to hear from the one ear and let go from the other ear! We can even take a short break and just laugh inside of us, brushing off the falseness of the whole happening. Don’t forget if we do not accept the shots, they can’t be ours! They will bounce back to the giver!!

Remember always, there is no medicine better than laughter. Blessed are they who can laugh like a child with every cell of the body vibrating with the rest of the universe. When we laugh it is a direct message to the cells of our body “Hey! Join me in the celebration, let’s enjoy total health.”

Let us learn to laugh a lot and create situations where we share our smile and laughter. Let us fill our self at every possible moment with gratitude for the unending gifts of the universe. Let positive thoughts and positive actions be our true possession. For the laughter that flows from the humble heart is the joy of the Spirit in love with one and all.

Live, Love, Laugh, for all is well. Let us not forget, laughter is to say to God, “Thank YOU.”




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This article was written by Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari

Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari is a globally acclaimed spiritual and motivational teacher, author, social advocate, peacemaker and innovative micro-credit leader from West Bengal, India. In 2005, Shuddhanandaa founded the Stress Management Academy (SMA), and began conducting global seminars on breathing, relaxation, meditation and positive thinking for schools, corporations, hospitals, prisons and other venues. He expanded his offerings in 2012 by introducing Courses in Mindfulness (CIM). Finding the name Stress Management Academy (SMA) limiting, in 2017 he has rechristened SMA to Heart Mind Center for Transformation and Success (HMCTS); offering tailored interaction to help individuals, businesses and society to live, profit and evolve righteously. He has presented his programs to businesses, universities and general audiences in India, UK, Germany, Poland, Spain, Kenya, Bahrain, Australia, Mexico, Costa Rica, USA and Canada. Wherever he goes, his vibrant intelligence, fully engaged heart and remarkable presence touch his audience. His presence bears the mark of his years of practice of meditation and relentless service to humanity. He walks the talks. He was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the S.T.A.R Foundation at the House of Lords, UK, in July 2015. He has authored several books, including Your Mind, Your Best Friend: 30 Days to Building Your Most Important Friendship and Cleaning the Mirror of Mind: Clutter Free Home, Clutter Free Mind and The Incredible Life of a Himalayan Yogi. He is a regular contributor to several magazines, and is a popular figure on the social media. Devoted to stress free happy living, he has also been regularly giving talk shows on TV since 2014. Websites:


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