Living Hope Steps to leaving Suffering Behind by Lynne Cockrum- Murphy ED.D – Review – by Aeson Knight

As an infant, Lynne Cockrum-Murphy survived a tragic house fire that claimed the lives of her father and two sisters and left her with severe burns over much of her body. She lived most of her life with a severely depressed and alcoholic mother, who shared with Lynne at five years old her thoughts of suicide. She lived through her stepfather being crushed to death in a logging accident and her mother being murdered in a bar-room robbery. index~~element194
After all she has been through Lynne is radiantly happy and living a life of pure service to the world, don’t you think she can teach us a thing or two?
This book takes you through moving forward from the pain of your life. It shows you through sharing the stories of Lynne’s life events from when she was a small child through becoming a young adult, that you really and truly can heal. Lynne learned to grow past the pain and deal with the personal emotions. The book also gives some hard truths, such as the fact that we choose our actions and behaviors towards what goes on in our lives.
This is never an easy lesson. A lot of people who have gone through trauma will not agree with this point or information. It can be hard to understand that you chose to go through this so it can aid you in your life, or so you can aid someone else.
This is cause and effect. You gone through this trauma; it changes you into someone stronger, or will aid another later on their path. This was a hard idea for me to understand until I did some reflection on it and understood that each experience has made me into the person I am and I can see how I my choices affected my life. Without them, I would not be at the place I am now. This speaks volumes to me, as I sure it does to you.

It shows real life information that you can use within your processes for your growth to finding true peace and joy. Not to mention the healing you have been looking for. Even when you think you have healed and have moved past  the events, there may be scars and by using the information in this book you will be able to grow into a new beginning. You can allow yourself to use other tools in your life, bringing you to a point of understanding, you may not have had in many years. Freeing yourself from the pain, fear, shame and any other baggage.
What I really like is it does not say this is the only way as this book does refer you to additional information. The shared stories, while some of them can be as painful to read, as they must have been to live through, will also touch part of your soul.

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