Looking for Love – by David Little

What do you do when you awake in the morning? Do you begin to think of all the things you need to do? Does that control the way your day proceeds? I think that’s the way for most people.

What if there was another way to do things? What if there was a way to get things flowing in harmony with everything in the Universe? How would it feel then? I believe there is another way. Besides, who wants to do everything the same way everyone else does? We like to think that getting things done means we’re accomplishing our goals, making progress, achieving success. The saying ~You are a human being, not a human doing~ comes to mind.

How about observing your inner world from a different perspective? What if you’re not looking at yourself as an individual?
What if you’re looking at yourself as part of the whole, the collective consciousness? Then your perspective changes. You are connected to everything and from there you can watch for signs to show you the way. What do I mean? How does that work you say?
Well, I have a daily ritual that I like to use to start my day. Maybe you have one too. For me it’s about getting connected to God, Creator, Source. This is the most important thing I can think of doing in my day. I go to a quiet space where I can sit undisturbed and bring in the energy of love and light. From that space I’ll ask that my ego (monkey mind) cannot interfere in the process but may observe only for the highest good to all and harm to none.
I can then ask the lovelight to shine on everyone and everything in my path. This is an easy, simple process that can be done in 5 minutes if you need get on with your day, or longer if you have the time. I like to spend 30 minutes or often longer if I have the time. It’s not about quantity. It’s the quality of the experience that makes it powerful.
During the meditation you can ask that your day be flowing with grace and ease. Having gratitude for everything you have in the moment. I’m sure there are so many things that you have to be grateful for such as your family, your job, your living space and your pet.
Even if you have none of these things, you still have the lovelight. Your light that shines from within. ~To know oneself is to love oneself.~ this is all you need. There there really is no external source, only love from within. Embrace it with a deep passion and it will express itself in your outer world.

That’s my perspective, I would like you to find your own version. What a beautiful place to come from.
Would you like to join me?


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This article was written by David Little

Who is David Little? David lives and plays in Vancouver, B.C. one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Oh yeah that's in Canada eh! He is a meditator, student of spiritual enlightenment, guitar player, singer and 4th Dan Ki Aikido practitioner and instructor.Oh yes, he also enjoys writing, is an intuitive life coach and part time ghost buster. He is presently working with spirit to help and heal people in the physical world and beyond.How do we live together in the spirit of cooperation? Please feel free to contact David at davidjlittleauthour@gmail.com if you want to hear more about what David does.


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