Lord Have Murphy, Waking Up in the Spiritual Marketplace – by Annette

Lord Have Murphy, what a title for a book. Yet if that doesn’t make you crack a smile, the book by the same name may just do the trick!  Fran Shaw Ph.D. gives the irreverently blunt outlook of Murphy, voice in this tour-de-force.  Truth be known, much of what Murphy shares is merely what is inside the heads of many who are Waking Up in the Spiritual Marketplace. As we find out, when we hop on this freight train of entertainment; “attention is the teacher.”

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Murphy serves up food for spiritual thought not because we don’t know it, moreover so we can find others out there who are experiencing the same type of “mass instruction” over load.  Everywhere we tturn, there is someone espousing this formula or that edict. We may find ourselves trying too hard to make it all fit into our lives.  This can be more stress-filled than that which we strive to eliminate from our day-to-day. Stress + stress doesn’t not = enlightenment.  Murphy brings this to our attention in ways that give us pause and pausing to consider what deserves our attention is the game changer.

Inspired by artwork of Bruce M. Sherman, Fran Shaw admittedly allowed this book to come forth rather than trying to create something.  She saw the phrase, “Lord Have Murphy” and wrote, “Murphy Here” as a response, as though Murphy was inside her, trying to be heard. This book is filled with Murphy’s observations, Sherman’s artwork and Shaw’s sidebar comments as the “editor”, never a dull moment to be sure.

I found myself taking this book in small doses as I needed a moment or two to digest what I was reading (at first) then I realized that it was because I wanted to savor what I was reading as one would a fine wine or epicurean delight.  Brain food, soul food, life force energy, these are all terms I use to describe this interaction with Murphy.  I laughed, I cried and then I laughed again; more at myself than anything else for there were steps along my own spiritual awakening that I was reliving, experiencing the sheer madness of it all one more time.  My perspective of spirituality will never be the same and that is a good thing!  Lord Have Murphy!!

Visit: http://www.lordhavemurphy.com/ for more information and be all means have fun with this remarkable book! Lord Have Murphy, Waking Up in the Spiritual Marketplace by Fran Shaw Ph. D.

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