Louise L. Hay The Eternal Light – by Annette Rochelle Aben

On August 30, 2017, Louise L. Hay made her transition from the physical world into spirit. To many, this will mean nothing, for some, this will take their breath away as they saw Louise a guru. For me, this is bittersweet news as I believe Louise Hay lived as there was no such thing as death; death of the spirit that is.  The only thing that could harm our spiritual selves, would be ourselves. She found that by using love to bolster our energy, we could free our spirits to soar! So, the woman who shared the story of her embattled physical existence though her writings, most notably, You Can Heal Your Life, carries on her enthusiastic work unencumbered by a physical body.

The legacy I feel Ms. Hay leaves behind is that of triumph over our fears. The fears that would hold us prisoner in circumstances that we would strive to rescue others from.  Through the honest acceptance of how “real” life can be, we can see that there is value in all we experience and thereby use that value to our advantage.  Self-expression of our truths, the words that speak to our grandest existence, will set us free.  We don’t have drop the mantle of the physical body to experience this but once we are ready, we shall have no fear of the process. We will move on, to continue our work of spreading light and love to the entire Universe.

I believe that Louise L. Hay has no intention of resting in peace. I see her as excited as a little child, just starting school. So much to learn, so many adventures to have and so much more life to live. Louise L. Hay is free and encourages us to learn to embrace freedom as a way of life, physical and eternal.

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