Love Comes Out of the Mouth – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

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Let me start with an interesting patient story:
The patient
Forty years ago, a patient came and said; “I dreamt you could tell me the spiritual reason for my disease.”

I was practicing reflexology and had just started to study homeopathy so my experience was neither broad nor deep. She had a mouth condition with infection in her gums and was afraid to loose her teeth (Pyrea/peridontitt).

She did not want any kind of treatment she just wanted to know why she was sick. I talked with her for 2 hours but still had no clue. She just said; “let me come back next week, you will sort it out.”  The night before her third consultation, I felt bad about not knowing. As I was going to bed I wished I could dream the answer.
I had the most marvelous dream. I could look into the body. I had x-ray eyes. I could see only muscles or bones, only arteries or any combination of organs or tissues. I could make a hole into the tissues or make them transparent with my gaze. There were no limitations.

Amazingly, there were hundreds of small tags with a virtue or quality written on what was connected with each body part! I knew in the dream that I would not be able to remember them all, but took an extra look at the mouth. On the gums the tag said “Gratitude”.
Now, I was curious to meet my patient and find out if gratitude could be the issue. I was trying to find out if there was anything she was not happy about in her life. During the third consultation she revealed to me that her 60 year old husband had taken on two jobs working from 07 in the morning until 15, coming home for dinner and then going off to work again from 16 to 22, going to sleep to get up at seven again. Saturdays he would drive her to the shopping mall to do the shopping for next week and Sundays they went to church. She complained that she was a lot alone and her husband did not make a priority to be with her. When I asked her why he worked so much she said they had bought her childhood house and to pay out her sisters the husband had to work so hard.

Here, she was not offering to work, nor to buy another place, but just so she could be in her childhood house the husband was giving his life away and she had no gratitude!

I met her some year later and she told me it took her time to recognize and realize that gratitude was the true challenge in her life. She said she now could say without doubt she felt gratitude towards her husband and me for telling her and that the improvement of the teeth of course was slowed down by her age. The most important thing for her all the time was to understand the journey of her soul. (Read more about different perspectives on life in my article in this issues: View can change reality)

Gratitude, love and zest for life are strongly connected to the mouth. Wanting to kiss somebody or saying I could eat you or I want to eat you! Not to mention the expression Makes one´s mouth water.

The desire for deep connection and unification is in the mouth, nothing gets closer to you than what you eat, because it becomes the you to be.

Another known expression is You are what you eat, eat well! This sentence of wisdom is not only for physical food, it is for all kinds of food. While the body needs food to work, the will needs to be exercised, the heart needs feelings, the mind needs to think, your soul needs to connect with the feeling of belonging together in a bigger wholeness a bigger holon and your spirit needs freedom to manifest in you.

To understand digestion we will look at chewing or masticating and the evolution of life.

Plants do not digest they assimilate and weave salts from the earth with air and light into their own structure. A plant weaves the light of the sun into the fabric of the earth. When wood burns, we see the sunlight getting backs its freedom.

Fungi one step more advanced in evolution than plants digest things, but only outside themselves. They do not have the complete strength to digest yet. They are important in tearing down decaying things for recycling.

Animals are the first living being that can digest. Digestion in higher animals starts with chewing and chewing is like a sequence of bites. Chopping things up. But the biting is only first physical, then it becomes chemical, then energetic and spiritual.

Imagine, you have a distance to walk, and you go and sing like in a military cadence; One two, one two, with my shoe, One two, one two your shoe too etc etc. . You digest the path step by step. If you want to eat a mamut you have to eat it meal by meal. Through life you eat meal by meal. Life can be regarded as a life long march of eating, or meals, chewing and chewing.

When worms (annelids) evolved into segmented animals (arthropods) digestion started to develop into a new level. In the earlier flatworms (platyhelminthes) the segmentation is just starting in the interior and the digestive system has still one opening where food comes in and out.

As animals develop we see the segmentation coming  clearer and clearer. Worms getting feet, like the hundred footed animals (centipedes). Every segment is similar repetitions. The feet in the front develop into antenna or sense organs, claws and teeth showing the same origin of these functions.

Now you can understand the analogy of walking and chewing. Digestion, moving and sensing are all related. Sensing creatures emotions and motion and e-motion are both how you move or get moved by the surroundings. So as animals develop an internal advanced system they are able to take into themselves the surroundings and digest them, sense them or move away or towards them. This is like love or hate, desire or aversion. As you advance you are able to digest more and more of the external world and become one with it, love it.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov said: “Without love, life is insipid; even if someone possesses great wealth, intellectual learning and worldly renown, without love he will have no zest for life.”

Love is the driving factor that pulls you towards what you desire as aversion pushes you from what you dislike. All the you desire to put in the mouth is the same thing, you are driven towards it, you want to connect to it and what your body does not like is pushed out.

Some people get so connected to food stuff or other things they love, that they cant let go, they get obsessed. They are in a constant state of connection.

The process of differentiation on one side and integration on the other are important aspects of love and digestion. You have to choose what you connect with. You become what you eat, you become what you drink, you become what you listen to, you become alike the people you connect with.

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