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I’d never heard of it, until a dear friend invited me to participate. As it turned out, that was the Saturday after Thanksgiving in the US, and my seven year old granddaughter, Francesca, was visiting.
Love Yourself and The Planet was the intent and refrain of the One Million Meditators event on November 25, 2017.

I thought the meditation might be a fun activity to experience with her. We’re always looking for ways to create lasting memories together. When I asked Francesca what she thought, she grew quite excited at the thought that she could actually meditate to help heal the planet and the people upon it. So, it was a date.

The way it was organized, groups of people gathered at disparate places all over the world to meditate at the same time. The intention was to magnify each individual’s efforts through the collective. Many of the groups broadcast their gathering live over Facebook to reach even more people. Anyone catching the video could pause and join in. With that intensity of energy focused upon the Earth and her inhabitants, you know there was some deep healing going on.

The event page offered several meditation tracks to choose from. We chose whales and dolphins by Dr. Joe Dispenza. The track was exquisite, lasting about 15 minutes. The whales and dolphins vocalized throughout against lovely background music.

It was incredibly relaxing. At one point I thought Francesca had fallen asleep because she was so quiet but she hadn’t. She was enraptured.

When the meditation ended she opened her eyes and asked “Can we do it again?” Then she excitedly launched into describing what she had seen and felt. Granted I’m not objective, but she blew me away with her heart-felt observations. I had to quickly stop her and grab the recorder. This needed to be documented!

With the recorder running I asked her to repeat what she had said.

She was excited to tell me the story of what she had “seen” happening with the whales. (I won’t give it away because you really should hear it for yourself.) She went on for about 15 minutes talking about how it warmed her heart and she was very clear that she wanted to participate in the next one.

I thought my friend, Marisa Ferrera, who had invited us to the event, might appreciate hearing Francesca’s message so I sent her a copy.

She loved it and was inspired to edit it down to a more reasonable seven minutes and then share it with the meditators community. She did a fabulous job! The end result is a beautiful message of hope and love shared from the innocent voice of a child.

That alone would have been fabulous, but the Universe wasn’t done putting together the trail of synchronicities just yet. Marisa is friends with Anita Morrow, the founder and organizer. When Anita heard Francesca’s words she was so touched she shed tears of joy. This was welcome validation that her vision was coming to fruition in an incredibly powerful way, and it was impacting the lives of people far and wide.

Anita was so excited that she invited Marisa and I to a video chat. Anita explained how she had been inspired to create the event and her dream of growing it to create a massive healing experience. Then she invited Francesca to be an Ambassador for the next event. (Francesca’s answer was an enthusiastic yes.)

The entire experience was so unexpected. Who could have guessed that the simple choice of saying yes to meditating on a Saturday would evolve into a recording of my little granddaughter spreading across the internet, and the opportunity for her to step up as a leader?

Don’t you find that very often the synchronicities which guide our lives are mind boggling? There’s a marvelous perfection in all the pieces coming together just so to form the intricate tapestry of our life’s journey.

Now, the rest of the story: Francesca’s parents agreed that she could be an ambassador as long as I promised to facilitate which I did. We’ll be doing more meditations together and creating beautiful memories. Who knows what amazing wonders and blessings are yet to come? Whatever they are, we’re on board and ready for the ride.

As I reflect upon these events, I am struck with the realization that they mirror our every day human experience. We never know what choice will turn out to be pivotal and potentially alter the course of our lives.

I have no idea how this choice may impact Francesca’s long-term future. I just know that something this filled with love and goodness is bound to create some mighty big ripples in the pond.

If you’re a fan of angel numbers, you may have noticed the number seven showing up twice. Seven symbolizes wisdom and humanity’s yearning to find purpose, and a deeper spiritual connection. There are no coincidences.

I’ll leave you with a quote from Francesca:

“We can give all sorts of different people love by giving the earth love. Just because the earth has love, it doesn’t mean it can only have it for itself. Everyone else can share it on the planet together.”

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