Luminosity – evaporating darkness with light – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

Light is, but darkness is not. Darkness is just lack of light.
You cannot switch on darkness but you can switch on the light.
In reality there is just a scale of light, no light or a little light is what we call darkness. It cannot get darker than no light, but it can always get lighter or brighter. This is a principle of nature.

Let us look at a few examples. Physics tell us, that it cannot get colder than zero degrees Kelvin (minus 273 degrees Celsius), but it can always get hotter and hotter than hotter. Or, you can not have less than zero, but you can always have one more of something.

Also, you can have no life and be dead, but you cannot get deader than that. On the other side there is no limit to the amount of life and vitality you can have.

So what is your luminosity?
Your luminosity is the degree of light you have and it can always be increased. When you are full of light, you will never experience darkness. Darkness is confusion, uncertainty and depression.

Light gives you enlightenment, wisdom, insight and illumination.

Obviously I do not speak about electric light, but the living light. Yes, there are different forms of light. We have material light, which is what we call artificial or electric light, then we have natural light from the sun and finally the spiritual light from the world beyond or within.

These are very different form of light and they work on us in very different ways. The spiritual light is everywhere, inside everything and all over the universe. It is endless and eternal.

The natural light comes from the stars, it is around each “sun” or star in our galaxies. It can be seen through out the universe, as tiny small stars and when you get closer it gives warmth, light and life to the closest planets.

Artificial light is even more limited and restricted. It can light up a few kilometres or just a room.

Often artificial light will take away our mind from natural light or nature and spiritual light as in inner work. We would rather look at a screen. In this perspective artificial light is almost darkness it even is breaking the rhythm of nature. When nature goes to sleep, and restore its batteries, artificial light makes it possible to continue like if it still was daytime and squeeze some more life out of us.

In my article “Which world are you living in”, I explain how all of us live in three different worlds. It explores the relation between the virtual, natural and spiritual worlds. Here we are exploring how each of these worlds, each has a different light.

Today we all relate to electric light in so many ways and we mostly see it as a blessing or sign of progress. But it has replaced the inner light in many situations. Instead of going within and starting to prepare for the night we watch TV-light or display-light or screen-light. Light that even invades and disturbs the quality of our sleep. It has reached so far that the artificial light not only has replaced the exploration of the inner world but also has started to eat up the natural light. Instead of looking at nature, we look at the hand held flat screen light, to get some information about the scenery. Then we after words look at through the screen making a video or photo. Electric light makes us go lost from the real light in so many ways.

If you manage to turn off the electric light and go to bed, you can rejoice in the sunrise and the light that is alive. In 1981 I visited Bonfin in southern France, the spiritual centre of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, where I learned sunrise-meditation. It turned out to become a mayor change in my life, a change of luminosity. It turned on yet another spiritual switch on my path. I had meditated, practiced yoga and I was a vegetaria, but after having worked intensively with sunrise meditation and other spiritual practices I had experiences where I could perceive the light in everything, in the whole nature. I know others that have experienced this too.

In this state you understand that everything has a light within that represents the thing itself. What we perceive is just the wrapping, the external fixed shelter if you like.

I have never tried any drugs, but I presume some of them artificially open up similar experiences. I rather aquiere it naturaly and from myself. When you have perceived this light, you know nature and the earth is a liv and has its own luminosity.

The Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov said he had asked his master Peter Deunov; “What is the best way to be close to God and develop my spiritual faculties and virtues?” Deunov answered;  “You must think constantly of light, concentrate on it, picture the whole universe bathed in light”.

This light is the inner light, the light of creation. This light is the light that was created the first day of creation before the sun was created.

So your luminosity will not come from a screen. It will be increased in nature and even better from the source of all nature, the sun itself. It will primarily increase your luminosity when you meditate to the sunrise in spring and summer. But the most efficient way it to go within and imagine, create light in your mind, as you do it will become brighter and brighter – that is the best way to increase your luminosity.

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  • Aïvanhov, Omraam Mikhaël, Toward a Solar Civilization, Editions Prosveta, Frejus, France.
    Note: Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov was a Bulgarian master and teacher whose books and daily meditations are often read during The Hearts Center’s morning rosary. To order books written by Aïvanhov go to
  • Aïvanhov, Omraam Mikhaël, Light is a Living Spirit, Editions Prosveta, Frejus, France, 1988.
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