Magic of the Trinka Five – by Flora Elmore

There is always that one person in the family who is deeply superstitious or has little rituals, like leaving a light in the window or cream in a saucer for the fey. For me, it was my grandmother.  She had a whole list of little things we should never do or things we should do just to keep the spirit world happy. One of the little rituals she taught me was the Trinka Five spell for getting money in a pinch.  It has turned out to be a valuable little spell in my repertoire of magic making and I thought I would pass it onto you.  I even made a video about it.  You will find the video link below.

In the magical circles I traveled in, I use to hear people talk about the Trinka Five spell in hushed whispers or they would assume that you knew what the heck the spell was. Everyone had their versions or believed it to come from some secret source. The more I talked to people the more I realized there was a lot of misinformation about this spell.  I hope to clear up some of the misinformation as I teach it to you here.

The origin of the word Trinka comes from Lithuania. In modern translation, it relates to people who are chumps or trees. However, when you start looking at the history of the word and the preoccupation of Lithuania you find that the word has its origins in folk customs of women. I suspect that like many faery tales the word or blessing around it was demonized to wipe out the local customs.

The more I researched about this spell the more I kept being lead back to a midwife’s blessings spell:

Trinka five, Trinka, five bless this mother and help her baby thrive.

Over time it evolved into a full on fertility blessing given during marriage ceremonies:

Trinka Five, Trinka Five,

Ancient Spirits you are alive

Bless this marriage help this family thrive

Spirits spin Trinka Five.

The above blessing was given to couples along with five sticks of linden wood to start their first hearth fire. At the marriage ceremony, a group of wise women would provide the blessings and the five sticks to the newlyweds.  These women were known to care for linden trees in Lithuania. I have twice been told stories about these women by my traveler friends. The stories make the woman sound like our traditional folk healers with their ability to make medicine and midwife.

At some point in the migration of people to the west, the blessing morphed into the spell that was shown to me by my grandmother who is of Welsh descent, not Lithuanian.  I often wonder if two grandmothers on a ship to Ellis Island swapped spells like they would cooking recipes. Then over the years the descendants of those grandmothers took the spells and changed them to meet the needs of the time.  My grandmother was most influenced by the Great Depression, Dust Bowl, and WWII.  It stands to reason that she would modify the spell to improve the prosperity of her family and friends.

As a shaman, I spend a lot of time speaking with and working with spirits. So when a spell comes up that involves invoking five spirits, I am most definitely interested.  I have been working with this spell for about 28 years. I have come to understand that the Trinka Five are tricksters tied to the oldest of the old things. They love to be offered water, vodka (with caution), and candles. They are the very essence of what makes it rain, and the trees grow. They are the spirits of life energy in motion. I have placed wind chimes made of metal stars in the trees to catch their interest and let them know I need to chat.  I light candles for them to give them energy when I am making requests for help. I quench their thirst with the water or liquor by pouring a libation around a tree.  Even though they are tricksters, I have found them to be easy to work with and they always provide me with a laugh and great surprise.

In this article, I am going to give you my variation of the spell that my grandmother taught me. It came to me when I was trying to figure out a way to make some quick money to pay my rent for my small business. I invoked the Trinka Five and within three hours I had what I needed. BUT I failed to provide an offering to the spirits and the next day a bird flew into my windshield and cracked it. The repair cost me exactly the amount I had acquired the day before. Lesson learned- always give them something when you ask for help.

Here is the video of the spell.  In it, I offer three variations of the spell.

Here are a few helpful hints when working with these tricky spirits:

  • I was raised to know that when you invoke spirits you always call them in sets of three. You are speaking to the triple soul of all things living and dead. You always leave an offering of water or fire. You always give them a job otherwise, you are wasting life force invoking them.
  • My personal experience with the Trinka Five is that they will just as soon set your sleeve on fire while you light their candles if you do not approach them seriously.
  • You may also find that all of or most of the candles go out before you even finish the chant. In that case, they want water to drink.
  • NEVER spend the money you put in the cup on yourself or your loved ones. Instead, donate it OR drop it at a crossroads.
  • Many times I will write what I need in the wax of the candle before I burn it.
  • Using linden flowers, sticks or roots adds to the potency of the spell work so be careful of what you ask for when adding this ingredient.

Here is my version of the chant:

Trinka Five, Trinka Five, Trinka Five

Ancient spirits come alive

Help more money flow and my business thrive

Ancient Spirits, of the Trinka Five.


I wish you luck in your magic making. Please drop me a line and let me know your experience with the Trinka Five.

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This article was written by Flora Elmore

Let me quickly introduce myself, I am Flora Elmore. I am a full time practicing Soul Shaman living in Northeastern Oklahoma, USA. I have been in the practice of soul healing since 1990 when I graduated college with a degree in Music Therapy. Over the last 26 years, I have grown my practice to include a variety of services. Most of them you will find on my website. ​ For the last 15 years, I have been sharing my experience & expertise through teaching others this beautiful tradition of energy and soulful healing. About five years ago, I brought my courses to the on-line platform. I would love to hear from you so please feel free to reach out through email anytime.


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