Make your Life a Masterpiece! – by Alice Hennessy

I am writing this article to those still finding their way, please take a second right now to stop and think, think about where you are and who you are, what and who are you surrounded with and ask yourself the question are you truly the person who you want to be? Who are you and are you living that life? I want you to realise that there is more to life than meets the eye, it is not what it seems or what we were brought up to believe, this might shake up your belief system a little bit but life is magical! Anything is possible. See this is what I believe and I only discovered this information in the years of studying law of attraction and metaphysics that ‘You were born a master, and a master is a creator’. We all come into this world as masters and creators but we forget this at birth and we forget how powerful we are. This is where our journey begins to discovery, creating experiences and awakening. We are powerful energies and simply winners from the beginning but life starts with you, you are the creator of your life your own reality, you can be do or have anything that you imagine.


I started my journey to self-discovery ten years ago when someone close to me tragically died. This event was very sad for everyone involved as the person who left us was in mid-20’s, smart, handsome and just a good human with a beautiful heart. The thought of this person no longer being here in physical form rattled me and shook me to the core. I withdrew myself from the world and tuned out from people and events around me for almost a year. I blamed myself for the choices I had made in the lead up to the tragic event. I battled with my thoughts for months after and went into a semi depression as I thought I could have prevented the tragedy from happening if I had simply replied to a message that was sent or chose to do something different that day to be there for that person. Unfortunately, we cannot control the actions of others. Sadly, I had to accept this event and move forward. It did however pull a heartstring and make me think about the choices I was making in my life and how that would affect my life and people around me. As quote Jim Carrey – “The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is…”. I asked myself Who am I? and what do I want from this life? This is when I started shifting my energy, I started reading books, I detoxed my body. I started doing exercise (something I used to dislike in my younger years but now love it) and I learnt to enjoy my own company and had lots of quiet me time. I started saying no to things and people, I was choosing who I was and giving my energy to that and only to the things I wanted in my life. It was hard work learning all these new habits and implementing them into my daily life but before I knew it it became part of everyday life. I learnt a lot about myself and I was discovering more about my soul. I was still making mistakes along the way but I was learning from them and putting in prevention plans for those mistakes to not repeat themselves. My world changed and I was full of joy, shining bright, loving my existence and life was good!


Five years after yet another traumatic event struck my life bigger than the first and this time absolutely shattering my world leaving my heart and soul in pieces. I cannot even begin to find the words to explain how overwhelming it was for me to experience what happened or how hugely it impacted on me as an individual and my persona.  All my hard work was lost, I spiralled into some of the darkest days I have ever experienced. I was lost with no answers, I was mentally and emotionally damaged and I completely withdrew myself from the outside world. For six months I feared the sun coming up every morning wondering how I was going get thru that day and at the end of the day I embraced the sunset as it meant another day was over and I could close my eyes and just forget. Things weren’t good and my mental and physical health was deteriorating I was also pregnant at the time. I had to make a choice, was this event going to paralyse my existence and I jump down a rabbit hole filled with darkness, fear, grief and a lifetime of pain or was I going to take this experience as a wakeup call to get up again and make myself stronger. I shifted my energy again slowly, I started with the smallest steps like thinking positive and visualising outcomes. Things slowly got better and small changes started happening. I then started keeping my life very private and making choices based on what I wanted in my life and with no influence from the outside world. I followed the voice of my soul.  Soon enough life was changing again the darkness slowly disappeared. I was still faced with many challenges and hurdles but I was so much stronger I just kept fighting, like a warrior rising every time. As my mind got stronger my soul slowly healed. I got up every day again and again for three years and did what I did before but better and more decided. I threw myself into the world of metaphysics and law of attraction every chance I could get I was studying, meditating, listening to audiobooks while at the gym, while driving and cleaning.  I was improving my mind every day and learnt some of the most valuable information the human race can attain. I will share some of this with you now.


Experience allows you to know and learn. Without these experiences I wouldn’t have endowed myself with all of this information. When the student is ready the teacher will appear. And after a bad time a good time must always follow its called balance, the wheel of fortune, its law. What we need to know and learn is that we are the captains of our ship. Life is about choices and you are the one in control. Your thoughts are vibrational and very powerful. We are vibrational beings. What you think you become. What you feel you attract. I have found that my own thoughts become reality, everything I want and don’t want I get. I am now very mindful of what I think. I have also trained myself to speak wisely as what you also say out loud you attract. Be careful what you place behind the words I am… Listen to the voice within. Look inwards and your outside world will change. You are more than magnificent and were put on this earth to expand and create. Love expands and creates more, the universe is ever expanding and where there is love there is expansion. So ask yourself, what is it that you love? What self-image would you like to see in the mirror? What makes your heart dance? Follow that path, follow the path of your heart.


Allow yourself to experience new things in life, don’t be scared to try anything new. Life is too short to never try. I learnt to let go of pleasing people, the freedom that comes from that is glorious. I also let go of what the Ego wanted and did more of what the soul wanted. STOP following the crowds and just be yourself. There is nothing better than being authentic and true to YOU. Be your true-self. Make memories and always seek to ‘Feel Good’!. An advanced level in mastery thinking is knowing that all masters understand that you are in control and not a victim of life, you control what affects you, a master can make pain disappear during tragic events, a master forgives the past, a master accepts the world as it is, a master accepts everyone as they are with no judgement and knows we are the same with the same capabilities. We are all creating and expanding. Change your inner experience – this is the road to mastery and living. So in conclusion I am at ease with life now. I am happily married with two beautiful kids with some wonderful future plans in the process but going with the flow. I did not come to this earth to be sad and miserable, I came here to create and enjoy.  If something doesn’t serve me well now I let it go, thoughts, events, people, places, material things. I am a master and a creator. I am in control. I am a very powerful being. I aim for the stars and will keep creating my masterpiece. Keep creating yours and never give up! Shine so bright you never know whose darkness you might light up.

Shine so bright you light up someone else's way.

Shine so bright you might light up someone else’s way.


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This article was written by Alice Hennessy

Australian Author/Writer | Intuitive Empath | Events & Marketing Manager | Skywatcher from Perth, Western Australia. Interest & Hobbies include: Philosophy, Metaphysics, Ufology, the Universe and Mother Nature. Travelling, Listening to music, lover of Film scores, spending quality time with my husband and children. Life goal is to be the best version of me. Delivering the message of ‘Kindness and Compassion’ whenever possible. Sharing the secrets of humanity. Humanitarian at heart.


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  1. Marie Pollnow says - Posted: June 15, 2016

    Very good advice. Thank you. I am glad to know I am not the only one who has gone through “darkness of my soul.”

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