Making it Real – by David J Little

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Has anyone ever told you to “Get Real”. What exactly does that mean?

Maybe you weren’t conforming to their idea of reality, maybe it was one of your parents or teacher that said “Get real. You’ll never be able to do that!” ‘That” being someone elses life path that you would never imagine for yourself. They might think that you’re best suited to be an accountant or an engineer. Some conventional career that would make you successful in the real world. This might be their version of reality and it might work for them.

Why would you allow someone else to dictate what your version of reality is? After all isn’t reality only the version we choose to make it? I think, it is!

So how do you go about doing this? Seems simple enough doesn’t it? Well,it’s all connected to how you see yourself and your belief that you can be anything you want to be. Change your belief and change your world. Here’s an affirmation by Alan Cohen that I really like. ” The Universe is my palette. I paint a glorious picture and step into it.” How amazing is that? Try saying that everyday and see how it feels.

The next time someone tells you to “Get real!”. You can say “I am my friend, I am!”

I wish you much success and happiness with your version of reality

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Who is David Little? David lives and plays in Vancouver, B.C. one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Oh yeah that's in Canada eh! He is a meditator, student of spiritual enlightenment, guitar player, singer and 4th Dan Ki Aikido practitioner and instructor.Oh yes, he also enjoys writing, is an intuitive life coach and part time ghost buster. He is presently working with spirit to help and heal people in the physical world and beyond.How do we live together in the spirit of cooperation? Please feel free to contact David at if you want to hear more about what David does.


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