Man Cannot Destroy That Which God Has Created – by Debbra Lupien

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.Often there are doors at the entrance to the Akashic Records. For this adventure they present as heavy, golden doors with a burnished finish. They appear solid and sturdy, like doors that have stood, and will stand, the test of all time.

An Akashic Journey

Often there are doors at the entrance to the Akashic Records. For this adventure they present as heavy, golden doors with a burnished finish. They appear solid and sturdy, like doors that have stood, and will stand, the test of all time.

Directly inside lies a jungle with screeching birds and monkeys chattering to one another.

There are vines, trees and greenery.

The sun shines down brightly upon the entire scene which includes mammoth old, solid trees, cockatiels, toucans, and birds of paradise flowers among the greenery. Soft moss cushions the ground under my feet.

It looks so much like a scene from a Tarzan movie that I expect to see him come swinging in on a vine.

I can smell water nearby and hear splashing of water buffalo… or crocodiles? Something large anyway.

Suddenly there comes a ground-shaking stomping like in movies before you see a T-Rex appear.

No, it’s not a creature. It’s huge earth-destroying equipment that’s chewing up the trees and everything else in its path. It has devastated the jungle. The animals and birds fled in terror. What was once so beautiful and full of life has now been reduced to dust.

“What does this mean?” I ask. No answer comes so I wait.

After some minutes pass, the landscape is transformed, bit by bit.

Small, green, tendrils appear here and there. Life begins to return until there are trees, vines and scampering wild life once more occupying this space.

All of the devastation wrought by man has been replaced by the loving hands of God.

It’s so beautiful I want to weep with joy.

The message comes through loud and clear that God will not allow man to forever destroy His creation. He will perpetually restore. The Earth is protected, cherished, stronger and tougher than we can imagine.

A disembodied voice begins speaking:

Know this truth. Man cannot destroy that which God has created, for God will always set things right. You are like children playing with your tinker toys, experimenting with your ideas and power, but know that there is One more powerful who watches through your triumphs as well as your madness. There is nothing new under the sun as God has seen it all many times before. Same plot different characters. God is steadfast in His devotion to His creations. Renewal is always in play.

 Do not fret and worry when it appears as if all hope is lost, that is an illusion. Hope, like God, is eternal. Do allow yourselves the luxury of playful time. Your world is meant to be enjoyed too. Marvel at the wonders both natural and man made for they are all inspired by the hand of God. Of course responsibility is important and admired by your society, but you are a spirit-filled creature and you must allow yourself to play. You are not machines. When you behave as automatons your creativity is stifled. That is what you would call a sin. Your wondrous creativity is an extension of God channeled through you. It simply must be allowed expression.

 Do that which pleases you. Do not allow others to impose their workaholic values upon you. They are blind to the truth. You, my child, must not become so. Sing, dance, allow the child-like wonder to fill your soul and share it with those you love. Your soul’s purpose, like a rainbow, cannot be denied. Just as the rainbow shines forth after the rain so too will your spirit shine upon the world. You have much to share and have only scratched the surface of your potential.

 Greatness is within you. That is not to inflate your ego, but rather to inspire humbleness at the task before you. You should understand that you, yourself, chose this path before you inhabited this body. You are simply fulfilling that purpose that you intended for yourself. You are much blessed and loved. We want you to know that observing your path brings us great joy. Go forth and spread your light into the world with peace and love.


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