Adventures of a Working Girl – by Lori Peters

Adventure- some see it as travelling to exotic places and spaces; I see it as a major life change for the better. I speak on increasing happiness so I must practice what I preach and the day came that I needed to do that. My adventure- follow my passion- at work.

As any entrepreneur knows, there are several issues in a new business adventure such as time, creativity, new lessons in skill building and finances. My big day came when I took a breath, said goodbye to my stable career and began to have the best days of my life with my business.

So let the adventure begin and most of all, let the opportunities flow in. The biggest struggle to many on an adventure is what’s going to happen next, especially if you’re a planner like me. Where is the work, the money, the people? You must allow them to come to you. I must admit, at times this can be nerve-racking. A wise women said to me- just do something each day that you enjoy to progress your new passion and you WILL succeed. I think about that almost every day. Do something each day.

I have never been so happy and for the first time, wake up feeling like I can’t wait to work. Wow, so this is how people must feel who love what they do. I highly recommend this feeling! My adventure is in progress and has been so since June of 2014. There are days that I worry. I then remember to go back to the things I know to take that stress down like giving gratitude, practicing the Law of Attraction, doing something for another person but mostly, doing something every day that progresses me in my passionate work journey.

As an entrepreneur, the adventure never ends which is how it’s supposed to be. You want new opportunities from which to choose and be able to be in a position to choose what makes you happy. So what’s your career adventure? From my viewpoint, I would ask myself if I love what I’m doing. If the answer is no, then it’s time to move on. In this move, it’s most important to take care of yourself mentally and physically, think about the dream all the time and do something each day that gets that dream towards reality. It’s not only important to seek out and move through the work skills in your journey but equally important are the personal/spiritual/psychological skills so you feel in rhythm and flow. If you have a spiritual practice, follow it. If you don’t find one- walking, nature, reading, meditation- anything that fills you up. Use it, count on it, you’ll need it as you incur lots of change and newness in your life.

If you are content with your work, great. Enjoy, appreciate yourself and others and know that there are always adventures even within the known. Keep your eyes open for new and interesting possibilities and recognize the new within the old. New perspectives are always awaiting us; we just need to be open enough to see them. Happy trails and good thoughts to all of you!

Lori Peters is an Instructor, public speaker, writer and radio show host and owns her own business called the Happiness Hangout™.


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This article was written by Lori Peters

Lori Peters is proud of her 25 year career in higher education, working with individuals and companies to fulfill their educational and training needs. She has also been studying and providing training in positive life management, happiness and well-being, The Artist Way, and the Law of Attraction for 20 years. Lori is a Facilitator of the Artist’s Way- a program to help unleash your creativity and is now a College Instructor teaching Counseling in social sciences. Lori has provided numerous presentations on various personal development topics including a program around happiness and well-being called Live Happy-Live Better and her course called Empowering Yourself to Happiness. She also volunteers on a national level and had the opportunity to be part of a team that runs a major non-profit. One of her passions is work-life balance, something she was not so good at until the last few years. Lori earned her Bachelors in Business and Masters in Counseling and Higher Education and provides resources and information through her radio show, social media, and blog. She is also a writer for publications that support positive life experiences and provides numerous professional and fun presentations in enhancing and keeping up your happiness levels for various types of audiences. Check out all the free resources and her on-line class and much more at www.happinesshangout.


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