March is National Music in Our Schools Month – by Annette Rochelle Aben

For as long as I can remember, music has played a significant role in my life. Not only were both my parents musically inclined but there was always some sort of music program in the schools I attended. This meant we were offered the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument or there was a vocal music class where every student participated in learning how to sing. Having music as part of my growing experience, enriched my life beyond what mere words can convey. To this day, I have a radio in every room of my home, and a collection of recorded music that includes everything except 8-track.

Having music programs available to students is something that is so important, that back in 1973, The National Association for Music Education, declared March to be National Music in Our Schools Month. It encourages the support of students and educators. To offer a child the opportunity to learn about music, how to play an instrument or even how to sing, stimulates parts of the brain that other subjects taught in schools do not. Giving children a well-rounded education needs to mean that we address what we may consider elective studies as well as academics geared towards giving graduates a great start in life after their scholastic careers.

Many schools across the United States consider cutting “arts” programs when looking to see where they can stretch their dollars more effectively. The cutting of music programs should never be considered yet it is usually one of the first to be eliminated. What the National Association for Music Education seeks to do is to advance music education through promoting the understanding and making of music. Connect with them at their website and learn how you can strengthen a music program in your school system. For you never know, when the next great musician will pick up a clarinet for the first time. But you will never know that to happen if they aren’t given the chance.

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