Mask – by Cheryl Butterworth

A mask is something you hide behind.  Something that distracts you from reality.
When I think of a mask, the Masked Balls of Vienna, appears as a most beautiful vision of twirling partners dancing the Strauss waltzes.  The masks are such elaborate pieces of artwork.  They were worn by the upper classes and nobility along with lavish costumes.   Eventually, the common people of the era were invited but the dress code still stood, a mask, tail coats and extravagant gowns.

Long ago, when plays were performed in the streets, the only grotesque characters or villains wore masks. Then, there was no need to explain to the audience, who was good and who was not! Those who were good and the ladies had no need to hide behind a mask.

I think back to the Western movies and television programs; the good fellows wore white hats and the bad fellows, like the bank robbers, wore black hats and a face masks that were pulled up over the nose from the cowboy’s neck scarf. The Lone Ranger was a bit different, he had a white hat and a black face mask that went over his eyes, he was hiding behind the mask to conceal his identity as a Texas Ranger.  It seems he was the last Ranger standing!

Those are just a few thoughts that ran through my mind when I saw the word mask.


In dealing with some of my hypnosis clients, I find that they hide behind masks.  Not literal masks but figurative masks.  They are masks of the mind, presenting themselves differently than they really are.  Many have a fear that they will not be liked or accepted, so they put up a guard and hold on to a false persona. These people come to me most often because of a low self-esteem.  Coming to me, they realize I am non-judgmental, so, they are able to allow their guard to drop. As they tell me their story, I am able to see the beauty of the real person hiding in fear.

These clients give me some of my favorite sessions, as I can see them change so much in such a very short time, often in just one session.  Sometimes they do not see what I see immediately but sometimes they do, mostly with in a week they are happy, new people, dropping the mask and smiling their very own smiles!

Now in my other world, that of my stories, I thought about The Shunicorns, once known as Unicorns.  They have very different masks but masks all the same.  They were in great need of help as the human population, from very long ago, was enamored with the Unicorn’s horn, a prized possession for a hunter to hang on the wall.


Every twenty years the magical and mystical creatures would meet for a symposium.  They would discuss how to make the creatures lives of the world better, safer and happier.  Sometimes these symposiums were needed sooner as there were big problems that needed to be figured out and fixed.  With the Unicorns that was the case.  There numbers were declining at such a rate, they were heading to extinction.

Now, these symposiums were awesome as they looked at the problem or problems but they did not dwell on them, they dwelled on the solutions.  If you dwell on the problems that is exactly what you get, more problems, so always remember to dwell on solutions!

When I publish the book, hopefully this year, I will make sure you will be the first to know, so, you will find the most incredible solution!!!  It is all about masks!


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My name is Cheryl Butterworth, I’m a Canadian. I love breathing fresh air, I love living in my dream world. My passion is seeing people become who they have always been meant to be. I'm a professional Consulting Hypnotist and with this gift, I help the big people. My other passion is writing stories for children that have good morals and values. The stories are not just entertaining but I try to slip in educational information, that will give that little bit of an edge to the youngster, so that they have something to converse with, to someone either older or just one of their peers. I try to make the stories interesting not only for the children but also for those older children, also known as adults, who will hopefully have to read the stories over and over, because they are the child's favorite story! I live in Canada, where the Polar Bears and Inuit live, but I now live in Calgary, far south of all that excitement. I did live in Yellowknife NWT, which is very much closer to the Polar Bears! That is where 'The Ice Dogs' book series came about with two of my friends, Iceberg and Ice Cream, who have adventures in this beautiful area of the world. I feel if we are nice and have love for others and do kind deeds, what one would call the Golden Rule and we allow our spirits to be soft and gentle, one by one, the world will change to be what it has always been meant to be, a place of love, safety and beauty. It may be a dream, but that dream came from somewhere, probably the Creator of the Universe.


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